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Authors: Ze Xin Li, Tian Bao Zhang, Dao Xiang Gong
Abstract: The article reviews the application of GIS technology to urban planning and the research progress on construction suitability evaluation. It points out that the present evaluation method invisibly weakens high eco-sensitivity areas and unsafe areas, and therefore the evaluation process can not objectively reflect the different angles of urban land use and its contradiction and unity. Thus, the article suggests strengthening the idea of giving priority to ecology and city safety through analyzing key sensitive factors and perfecting multi-factor superposition method. It explores a new idea for land suitability evaluation from three angles, that is, eco-sensitivity evaluation, construction suitability evaluation and city safety. An empirical study is conducted on the master planning of Hongya County Town.
Authors: Le Xia He, Su Ning Xu
Abstract: Facing the increasingly severe situation of city security issues, researches on urban planning and design have gradually expanded. However, problems in connection with people are not taken seriously. Regardless of disaster type, human beings, as one group of the disaster receptors, produce a similar psychological and physiological response to threats. Therefore, disaster prevention and mitigation should be people-oriented. Based on danger stress response, this paper analyses types and characteristics of thinking and behavior in disasters or emergencies and reflects the significance of people-oriented urban safety design. In addition, this paper takes public space, which plays an important role in urban security as the main subject and proposes urban design strategies on appeasing negative psychological and behavioral stress response, attempts to provide a scientific basis for effective disaster prevention strategies in order to minimize the hazards to humans caused by physical and psychological impact.
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