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Authors: Di Zheng, Yong Jiang Yu, Xian Hua Zhang, Xiao Jun Zhao, Yuan Wang, Yong Jie Shi, Feng Lu
Abstract: The objective of this paper is to investigate the effect of shape and size of polishing pad on the material removal characteristics in the NC polishing. The material removal model was established based on Preston equation. The law of the effect of shape and size of polishing pad on the model was simulated. Experiments were carried out. Results showed that both of the shape and size of polishing pads influence the shape of material removal curves, polishing efficiency, and surface roughness. The amount of removed material increases with the increasing of size of polishing pad.
Authors: Yan Hong Li, Li Bao Yang, Xiao Jun Cao
Abstract: In recent years, for the compact system structure of aspheric lens, it has improved the image quality and excellent performance. More and more applications, in a variety of precision instruments, require the aspheric surface machining precision, fast, batch production. In order to further seek the effective method of aspheric surface processing, the aspheric NC machining technology is put forward. Therefore, this paper studies the aspheric surface in NC machining process of milling molding, polishing and polishing equipment related process parameters. Focusing on the milling process of various parameter settings, the resilient mold and small grinding head fixed combination method of polishing is introduced into the milling feedback compensation, solution of the elastic die polishing on the profile accuracy of destruction and processing to meet the requirements of the drawings of components: the contour measurement method on the profile accuracy of testing and surface shape accuracy of 0.5924um.
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