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Authors: Zi Ming Kou, Li Feng Yang
Abstract: Based on the characteristics of the coal chemical industry region, an emergency response platform for serious environmental pollution accident (ERPSEPA) is designed and implemented in this paper. With the environment and safety technology as the core, the information technology as the support and with the emergency management process as the main line, ERPSEPA do a system design for this emergency platform, an integration for kinds emergency resources, and a construction for the application and database system. It realizes functions as analyzing and identifying environmental risk resources, daily management, monitoring and control, forecast and early warning, dynamic decision-making, comprehensive coordination, assessment of accident, and so on. This work is of great significance on the preventing and responding of environmental events and on the losses reducing that caused by sudden environmental accidents.
Authors: Rui Li, Zi Ming Kou
Abstract: The spray cleaning method is important and universal in many industrial processes and other occasion. Because the size of the waterdrop is one of key factors for cleaning, this paper not only studied the relationship between the size of waterdrop and other influencing factors, but also researched the forecasted method for the size of waterdrop. In lab, by measuring the size of the waterdrop, jetted by one kind of nozzle, data were acquired and were used to train the Back Propagation Neural Network ( BPNN ). Through comparing those diameters, between measured in lab and calculated by BPNN after trained. It was acquired that the maximum errors was smaller than 1.62%, between the computed results and the factual measured ones. The experimental results showed that BPNN is an effective tool to predict the variation of the non-linear waterdrop diameter.
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