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Authors: Michael Schütze
Abstract: The paper reviews the advantages of diffusion coating and the parameters deciding an optimum coating performance. Furthermore, innovative coating approaches are presented which have a significant potential beyond existing diffusion coating solutions.
Authors: Ming Ming Wang, Wan Jun Hao, Zhong Lun Zhang, Guo Yan Hou, Zhi Jun Xin, Fan Wu, Ying Ying Yi
Abstract: CIP particles first have been coated with SiO2 shell by a Stober process , then grafted the polyaniline by in-situ polymerization to prepare CIP/SiO2/PANI core-shell composites, and the composites are composed the dielectric loss properties with the magnetic loss properties. It is observed that PANI are on the surface of CIP/SiO2 particles from the SEM image, XRD patterns further confirm that the CIP/SiO2/PANI composites are synthesized successfully. In comparison with CIP, the complex permittivity of CIP/SiO2/PANI composites have certain enhancement in 8-12 GHz frequency range, but it has a very small impact on the complex permeability. On the basis of the Electromagnetic Wave Absorbing Theory, the composites could prepare high-performance absorbing coating based on λ/4 type design, and the coating is below-10dB in the whole X-band, which could be used for architectural space electromagnetic radiation protection.
Authors: Hao Long Tang, Xiu Hua Fu, Guo Jun Liu
Abstract: According to the requirement of the filter for laser tracking system, we chose Ta as the target material of high refractive index and SiO2 as the target material of low refractive index, the film system was designed and optimized with the TFCalc software, adopted the double ion sputter coaters by VEECO company for plating system, using two sides of the substrate to broaden the long and short wavelength cut-off band respectively, we improved the peak transmittance and simplified the difficulty of experimental analysis, the filter to meet the demand has been deposited. The average transmittance of the filter at 532nm, 808nm, 1064nm and1550nm wavelength was less than 0.2% and the peak transmittance at 905nm wavelength was 96.3%. The filter can withstand the test of bad environment and satisfy the requirements of the laser tracking system.
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