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Authors: Wu Xin Yu, Shi Qian Zhou
Abstract: The electrochemical behavior of Fe-Cr-Mo codeposition was investigated by using linear scanning. The deposition potential of Fe2+ shifted negatively after adding glycine and additive W, while the deposition potential of Cr3+ had no obvious change, then the purpose of codeposition was achieved. Induced codeposition occurred after adding molybdate into the solution, at last alloy coating of good appearance was obtained.
Authors: Dae Geun Kim, Jae Ho Lee
Abstract: The codeposition of fine WC and Co coated WC particles from nickel Watt’s bath has been investigated. Electroplating of Ni/WC and Ni/WC(Co) composites coating were carried out at different current density with variation of particle size. The effect of hydrodynamic conditions of the codeposition of Ni/WC bath has been investigated. The Guglielmi adsorption mechanism is applied to the electroplating of the fine WC and WC(Co) in Ni matrix. The adsorption rate of determination step is controlled by the transferal process of loose adsorption to strong adsorption. The embedded WC concentration can be increased both by increasing electrical current density and additional WC concentration in the bath.
Authors: R.I. Grynszpan, E. Chassaing, M. Harmelin
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