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Authors: Wae Gyeong Shin, Soo Hong Lee, Young Sik Song
Abstract: Reliability of automotive parts has been one of the most interesting fields in the automotive industry. Especially wiper motor for automobiles is important part because of improving visual comfort for the driver and the passengers. Therefore, we have dealt with the reliability test procedure of wiper motor. The failures such as wear-out of brush, bearing damage, motor coil burnout are caused by the electrical and mechanical operating for low and high actions of wiper motor. In this research, we have qualitatively selected the efficient test items through the analysis of the life and potential failures of wiper motor. So, wiper motor itself requires an estimation of life causing failure of brush wear out in order to operate the system safely. We have tested six wiper motors. The result is established by employing the weibull plot. We validated the life of wiper motor to the experimental result.
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