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Authors: M.A. Müller, W. Sprengel, J. Major, Hans Eckhardt Schaefer
Authors: Al. Rempel, K. Blaurock, K.J. Reichle, W. Sprengel, Hans Eckhardt Schaefer
Authors: K. Sato, K. Ito, Kouichi Hirata, Run Sheng Yu, Yoshinori Kobayashi
Authors: Jun Yu Ke, Hui Li, Jin Biao Pang, Yi Qun Dai, Zhu Wang, You Wen Zhao
Abstract: ositron lifetime spectroscopy (PAS) and Coincidence Doppler broadening measurements have been performed in as-grown and annealing single crystal ZnO. The temperature dependence observed in annealed ZnO indicates that the defect is removed during annealing. By combining the Doppler broadening measurements, we infer that there isn′t hydrogen filling the zinc vacancy site in the as-grown ZnO due to the same characteristics in CDB for as-grown and annealed ZnO samples
Authors: W. Sprengel, Al. Rempel, F. Baier, K. Sato, Hans Eckhardt Schaefer
Authors: M.A. Müller, Al. Rempel, K.J. Reichle, W. Sprengel, J. Major, Hans Eckhardt Schaefer
Authors: W. Sprengel, X.Y. Zhang, Haruyuki Inui, Hans Eckhardt Schaefer
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