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Authors: Hector Siller, C. Vila, Ciro Rodríguez
Abstract: This study shows a methodology for characterizing high speed machining centres, in terms of their capabilities, to reach programmed feed rates while the machining of complex sculptured surfaces. The impact on the cycle time of the whole operation has been evaluated making a parametric variation of the geometries to be machined. Therefore, for a distributed and simultaneous characterization of machining centres located in different places, tools for Collaborative Engineering have been used (PLM and CAD/CAM/CAE).
Authors: Yong Sheng Ma
Abstract: Interoperability can be described as the interpretability of data types and related information by different computer systems. Standards for data format and communication protocols have been developed and adopted by different industries. So far, interoperability has only been investigated at the data level. This paper addresses a research approach proposing a system design and a set of generic methods so that to embed engineering knowledge and to achieve interoperability at the feature level in an open collaborative engineering environment. Ideally, the proposed new approach would allow knowledge rules to be embedded into the constraints of features supported by the complex associations of a multi-application engineering repository. Potentially, the system proposed offers user-defined feature types that support flexibility in feature-based information definition, sharing and mapping.
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