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Authors: Adrian Ioan Niculescu
Abstract: The paper presents a complex quarter car model obtained with ADAMS software, View module, useful in the first stage of suspension dimensioning and optimization.The model is equipped with compression and rebound stopper buffer and suspension trim corrector.The proposed quarter car model with two degrees of freedom (wheel and body) performs all these goals allowing changing:Geometrical elementsPosition of equilibrium, depending on vehicle load;Trim correction;Elastic and dissipative characteristics of the suspension and tire;Suspension stroke;Road profile, assessed either by simple or summation of harmonic functions or reproducing real roadsBuffers (for stroke limitation) position and characteristics;The models developed provide information on:Vertical stability assessed by vertical movements of the body and the longitudinal and transversal stability evaluated based on adherence characterized by wheel ground contact force and frequency of soil detachment wheel.Comfort assessed on the basis of body vertical acceleration and collision forces to the stroke ends.The body-road clearanceThe trim corrector efficiencyAll above performances evaluated function the road unevenness, acceleration, deceleration, turning regime.The damping characteristic is defined by damping forces at different speed for each strokes respectively one for rebound and other for compression.The contact force road-wheel is defined based tire rigidity law.The stopper buffer forces on rebound and compression are defined based each specific rigidity characteristics.The road excitation is realized with a function generator.The software allow the model evolution visualisation in real time, also generating the diagrams of displacements, forces, accelerations, speeds, for each elements or for relative evolution between diverse elements.The simulation was realized for unloaded and fully loaded car using a road generated by a sum of harmonic functions presented in equation (8).The excitation covers the specific frequencies area, being under the body frequencies up to the wheel proper frequencies.The realized ¼ car model, have reached the goal to evaluate the suspension trim correction advantages.The simulations confirm the trim corrector increases the suspension performances, thus for the analyzed case the trim corrector increase simultaneous:Body-ground clearance (evaluated by body higher increasing) between 18.5÷55.1 %Body stability (evaluated by maximal body displacement) between 9.8÷11.4 %Body comfort (evaluated by maximal body acceleration) between 3.4÷35.5 %Adherence (evaluated by maximal and RMS wheel-groundcontact force variation) between 7.0÷12.1 %Body and axles protection (evaluated by buffer strike force) between 10.8÷38.2 %
Authors: H.A. Harun, Norsheila Buyamin, Mohamad Asyraf Othman, Shaharin Anwar Sulaiman
Abstract: The indoor environment of lecture rooms in universities can affect the learning of students. Nevertheless, study on the actual conditions of air in relation to indoor air quality is rare. This paper presents a case study on the indoor comfort of selected lecture rooms in a university. Two rooms of different sizes and ventilation rates were selected, in which the indoors air temperature, CO2 content and relative humidity were measured both when occupied and unoccupied. The study revealed that occupancy by students did not directly affect the relative humidity in the lecture rooms, probably due to the dominating influence of the outdoor air. It was found from the study that under high occupancy, the room temperature and CO2 content would be higher than the recommended level and thus affected the comfort level of students and consequently their learning ability during the lecture.
Authors: V. Franzitta, A. Milone, Daniele Milone, Marco Trapanese, Alessia Viola
Abstract: This paper proposes two complementary procedures for assessing the indoor global comfort: the first one, prevalently objective, is based on the acquisition of microclimate measured data and computed subjective values; the second one, that is purely subjective, uses a questionnaire drawn from the ISO/DP 10551 Recommendation. An application to some lecture-halls is here showed
Authors: Rahayu K. Seri, Ros Ahmad Fatihah
Abstract: Nowadays, back pain has contributed huge percentage to Malaysian drivers during driving. Bad or awkward sitting posture may cause fatigue and musculoskeletal pain to the driver due to long distance driving or maintained for a long time. Therefore, it is essential to do the survey on the impact of these elements for the driver based on our Malaysian road conditions. The objective of this paper is to investigate the relationship between different physical categories (age, height, weight and gender) and psychophysical experience on focusing with the degree of comfort ability drivers on Malaysian road condition. The survey should be conducted in random by taking sample from difference categories of drivers in order to get fair result. The experiment has been conducted to define the effect factors of level comfort during thirty minutes driving on the actual road. The result show, aging is one of the factors have significantly higher absolute discomfort for drivers aging from 43 to 53-54 years old with driving in the descending road. In the other hand it is shows that the discomfort ability of drivers can be influences by the driving experience, weight, height and gender of the drivers. Thus, it can be conclude, Malaysian drivers mostly feel discomfort when driving at the descending road and winding road compare to two others road.
Authors: Madalina Calbureanu, Raluca Malciu, Diana Calbureanu
Abstract: Active House is a vision on some buildings that create a healthy and comfortable life for their occupants without influencing in a negative way the climate and environment - leading to a cleaner, healthier and safer world. Active House proposes a target framework for changing the way we build and renovate buildings in order to contribute positively to our health, safety and well-being, focusing on indoor and outdoor environment and on the effective use of energy.
Authors: Ya Guang Yan, Qing Shan Yang, Jian Zhang
Abstract: On the basis of the three-dimensional,compressible,unsteady-state,viscous N-S Equation and k-ε turbulence model,the simulation calculation is made with the finite volume method on the aerodynamic effect of two high-speed trains passing each other at the same speed through a tunnel,simulating the pressure change,analysising regularity of the pressure,researching comfort in the train.The following conclusions have been drawn from research:The maximum of transient pressure is concerned with the meeting point,when the two high-speed trains meet in tunnel.When the length,the speed and the sealing factor of the train are same,the transient pressure is maximum with the trains meeting at the midpoint of tunnel.When the tunnel length,the speed of the train,the sealing factor and the point of meeting are same,the transient pressure of the longer train is maximum.When the sealing factor is greater than 15s,the standard of permissible pressure (1250Pa\3s) can be satisfied with all circumstances.
Authors: Zhuo Zhang, Li Ping Qiao
Abstract: This paper discusses the impact of pants crotch bend comfort factor. From the structure of the aptamer of pants, trousers fabric scalability and style shape, technology and other aspects of analysis, and propose effective improvements pants crotch bend comfort measures.
Authors: Mao Ren Li
Abstract: In recent years, the cold application of radiation technology air-conditioning system more and more, have achieved good operating results. this article discusses the radiation cooling and air conditioning system of the basic principles of design points, radiation cooling air conditioning system is proposed comparative analysis of market feasibility, proved the cold radiation from the air conditioning system to improve energy efficiency and comfort of the tremendous use of space. Hope to further promote the class and application of air conditioning to provide a useful reference.
Authors: Serik Tokbolat, Sarim Al-Zubaidy
Abstract: The building envelope is known to be an important aspect of design and engineering of ultra-low energy buildings. The facade (building skin) could have the potential to redirect and filter daylight, influence frontal external wind intensity, provide natural ventilation, manage heat transfer, enhance occupant well-being, and create visual and physical connections between the inside and outside. The advances in facade technologies have been triggered in part by higher energy prices, stricter building codes, and higher occupant and owner expectations regarding the quality of the finished construction. This paper provides a comparative assessment of the effect of redesigning an existing building facade and other building improvements. It assesses the impact on external environmental conditions (wind speed and pressure) by employing computational fluid dynamics. The impact of these changes on occupant satisfaction was also gauged. It is hoped that this analysis will provide a framework for assessing benefits of improved facades in other buildings and applications
Authors: Li Ling Xu
Abstract: The development of sportswear is closely related to the development of scientific and technological,the improvement of the communitys civilization.As the professional sportswear design and production are close to new material,high-tech sportswear will not only help the athletes improve performance and raise campaign skills,but also more advantageous in protecting athletes safety.
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