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Authors: So Young Kang, Jong Un Lee, Kyoung Woong Kim
Abstract: Pseudomonas aeruginosa biomass was used to investigate the biosorption properties of heavy metals in wastewater. The biosorption isotherm of Co2+ was best described by the Langmuir model when washed cells were employed, and results obtained utilizing heat-treated P. aeruginosa were also adequately represented by a Langmuir sorption isotherm. In contrast, the sorption isotherm involving unwashed P. aeruginosa showed a different isotherm profile and did not attain equilibrium in the range of metal concentrations investigated; the amount of Co2+ uptake increased with increasing initial metal concentration but never reached adsorption equilibrium, most likely due to bacterial production of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS). The biosorption results utilizing unwashed P. aeruginosa were best described by a Freundlich isotherm. The level of metal adsorption in low pH was significantly small due to competition between the cation and H+ ions for binding sites distributed on cell surfaces, while the increase in pH favored metal sorption because of the elevated quantities of negatively charged surface functional groups. The sorption of Co2+ was strongly influenced by the presence of competing cations in the solution. Trivalent Cr3+ added to the solution was preferentially adsorbed onto the cells relative to Co2+ and Ni2+. The results may be attributed to the higher adsorption affinity of Cr3+ in comparison to either Co2+ or Ni2+. The affinity order (Cr3+ > Co2+ » Ni2+) was maintained over a pH range up to 5.3 in a mixture solution.
Authors: Jin Lin Ma, Li Juan Qian
Abstract: Relationship of competition and cooperation among ports is a hot point in studying ports relationship. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the competition and cooperation relationship among Liaoning ports. This paper applies the Vector Auto-Regression Model for analyzing the relationship. According to the modeling, it is found that Dalian Port competes with Yingkou Port and Jinzhou Port, while cooperates with Dandong Ports. From the Granger Causality test, it shows that Dalian Port causes the other three ports.
Authors: Min Li Zhang, Yi Xin Zeng
Abstract: Ecological niche, biological community and the quantitative modeling problem are the focus that ecosystem concerned. But synergy, which is produced by orderly competition and effective cooperation hasn’t been fully understood and used. In order to keep sustainable development, the enterprise has to compete and cooperate with different organizations and enterprises. The article aims to optimize the relationship between real estate enterprises and try to find the best position between them. This article was started with overlap value relations, using the principle of ecological niche to discuss the competition between the real estate enterprises.
Authors: Qing Lai Dong
Abstract: In this paper, we introduce and study a competition Chemostat model with Crowley-Martin type functional response and pulsed input and washout. The stability of the boundary periodic solutions is investigated. We get that above some threshold there are periodic oscillations in substrate and microorganisms, which implies the coexistence of two species.
Authors: Ping Gao, Yi Hai Hu, Yin Yu
Abstract: By using the methods of literature, expert surveys, statistics and logical analysis, this essay has constructed and analysised the structure of basketball competition process,and took the structural elements as platform, in order to comprehensive understand the competition process of basketball games and the features of related work,provide the theoretical basis for cientific training and competition.
Authors: Xiao Fei Tang, Yue Wang, Jie Zheng
Abstract: In e-commerce conditions, the relationships between channel members are more complex, including competition, cooperation and independent. With the help of Deutsch’s goal interdependence theory, we studied the perceived goal interdependence between distributors with suppliers, which will lead to the different channel benefits and results. This study improved that the distributors would put in more commitment and trust, to gain more economic benefits and occupational well-being, if they believed their goals were positively associates with the supplier’s objectives.
Authors: Ting Wang
Abstract: To reflect the coordination in the supply chain of perishable products with free competition, a single manufacturer and two retailers supply chain model facing the stochastic demand in relation with different prices and the return mechanism is established. The analysis shows that the profit of total supply chain without competition is obviously fewer than that with competition, and through the special linear model the paper employs the result, also gives the optimal price and order quantity in the coordination of the supply chain.
Authors: Liu Yang
Abstract: Daqing spirit is the important component of Chinese nation spirit. Daqing spirit and enterprise culture are all in the Socialist era, Daqing spirit is the important content of socialist spiritual civilization, while the building of enterprise culture calls for the socialist spiritual civilization; Daqing spirit also has many identities for the competitive consciousness of enterprise culture under the condition of market economy. Therefore, the current socialism enterprise culture construction needs Daqing spirit.
Authors: An Hong Zhang
Abstract: Gymnastics State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center, China aerobics aerobics association is to promote the development of China's leader, will organize a lot of aerobics training and competition. Through literature analysis, interviews, and other mathematical statistics from its recent training, content and object and change the game, analyzes the development status quo aerobics, proposed countermeasures against the problem.
Authors: Tomasz Lis, Paula Bajdor
Abstract: Modern companies operate in conditions of high competition and rapidly changing customer needs and expectations. In such a reality, one of the solutions to achieve success, is to establish cooperation with selected market participants. The partners’ choice determine the needs of the company and market’s expectations. The cooperation focuses on the optimal use of available resources and creating relational resource, takes place in virtual space. Access to this space and effective in its functioning, are associated with the use of information and communication. Thanks to ICT, companies can be found, as well as establish and maintain a collaboration between them.
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