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Authors: Er Liang Liu, Yu Fu Li, X.Z. Wang, Fei Xiao, Xian Li Liu
Abstract: In the process of turning high-temperature and high-strength steel, it is an effective method for chip breaking with complicated groove insert. In this paper, chip breaking mechanism is analyzed using the coated complicate groove insert for cutting high-temperature and high-strength steel. The model of chip curl radios is constructed though analyzing the effect of complicated groove insert on chip formation. The mathematical formulation of chip section profile coefficient is built through analyzing influential effect of complicated groove on chip section profile. The chip breaking model is developed according to chip-breaking criterion. Finally, a full experimental validation of the model is presented for chip breaking when the workpiece is high-temperature and high-strength steel, 2.25Cr-1Mo-0.25V. The tested results show the chip breaking model is reasonable, and the optimization cutting parameters are obtained.
Authors: Er Liang Liu, Chao Zhang, Hui Ping Zhang
Abstract: Chip control is a major problem to be solved in automated machining system. It involves a total system to produce chips that can be evacuated easily and reliably from the working zone and can be disposed of efficiently. In order to realize those, prediction of chip-breaking in machining is one of effective methods. In this paper, to predict the chip breakage systematically, the equivalent parameters concept is used. Through presenting a study of the effect of complicated groove insert equivalent parameters on chip formation and breaking, a predictive model of chip-breaking is constructed. Finally, chip-breaking experiments are made and the tested results show that differential chip-breaking point’s ratio is fewer than five percent, so it proves that the chip-breaking predictive model is reasonable.
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