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Authors: W. Yan, Hua Zhang, Zhi Gang Jiang, Xiao Luo
Abstract: Manufacturing process is an important aspect in the implementation of Green manufacturing, the comprehensive evaluation of manufacturing process resources and environmental attributes can effectively guide its green improving. A comprehensive evaluation model of manufacturing process resources and environmental attributes based on B-P neural network is established, which is closer to human thinking model and integrates qualitative and quantitative analysis. The structure and solving of the model are studied as well as the quantification method of network input indexes. The case application proved the correctness and validity of the method.
Authors: Shan Shan Li, Tao Hao, Zheng Yu Liang
Abstract: On the basis of comparative research on primary frequency regulation (PFR) evaluation index of each grid bureau, a comprehensive evaluation index system of PFR is established, including some specific solution scheme according to problems existing in PFR evaluation index of Central China power grid bureau. The index system ensures a more precise and accurate evaluation of actual PFR process. Meanwhile, accurate data source is provided for correct calculation of PFR index through signals processing of wide area measurement system (WAMS) data.
Authors: Cheng Chang, Yuan Biao Zhang, Shi Wei Wei
Abstract: This paper analyzes the formation of the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch and its negative influences. Then, for evaluating the effectiveness and feasibility of these methods, we conduct cost-effect analysis on the economic costs and benefits; and undertake an analysis on the effects of the solutions concerning social benefits; then, establish a comprehensive evaluation model of solutions after combining the economic and social factors, which eventually gives birth to workable policy recommendations.
Authors: Jian Bo Liu
Abstract: Green computing is a new computing model to build the saving-type and low-carbon society, promote the sustainable coordinate development of economy. Through the comparison with green chemistry, this paper proposed a comprehensive evaluation based on green computing, which analyzed the factors of green environment and computer system, such as computing ability, communication ability and storage capacity, and got important conclusions. The methods in the paper could provide service for the green evaluation in the field of IT industry.
Authors: Zhan Xin Ma, En Yang Zhao, Xi Ming Lv, Zhi Min Ma
Abstract: As a barometer of the macroeconomic of a country and an important part of the capital market, stock market has attracted increasing and highlighted attention. As is well-known, Chinese stock market is known as 'policy market', however, the issue about whether the stock market is really influenced by these policies is always an important and hot topic. In this paper, by using generalized data envelopment analysis, an analysis on the effect of the new policies carried out in May 2012 is provided based on closing price, Tobin Q, circulation market value, turnover rate, and return on assets. Based on the above results, it can show the effect of stock market policies on Chinese Economy.
Authors: Ke Li, Ning Zhou, Lei Wang, Qian He, Hui Quan Zou, Wei Huang
Abstract: In order to solve the electricity bill pay points siting problem for electric power corporation, this paper proposes a hybrid model to optimize the siting of pay points and improve customers’ satisfaction. Different from traditional methods, customer density, queueing time and satisfaction degree, transportation and other factors are all taken into consideration in this model. Finally, a “10-minute electricity bill pay network” is constructed in Zhengdong new district with the application of the model proposed by this paper.
Authors: Jia Yang Li, Yan Qiu Che
Abstract: Knowledge management is an important measure to the development of High-tech enterprises and is the core competitive advantage of small and Medium High-tech Enterprise. This paper constructs a new fuzzy approach for evaluation to knowledge management with rationality, objectivity and operability. Finally, We present illustrative example to demonstrate the approach.
Authors: Jian Zhong Liu, Jin Cheng Xu
Abstract: The remaining oil distribution and its potential evaluation are the keys to the well network adjustments and comprehensive potential exploration on the later stage production. In view of the vagueness of the influence factors of remaining oil potentiality, a set of quantitative evaluate method about how to suit remaining oil potentiality of heavy oil reservoir at high water-cut stage is established. Six factors are taken into consideration, including oil saturation, reservoir thickness, permeability, porosity, water injection distance and sedimentary facies. First, make sure the evaluate criterion and the influence weight of a single effect factor. And then, use the fuzzy theory to calculate the latent capacity of the block, comprehending many factors. In the end, certain the foundation of remaining oil potentialities according to the value of the latent capacity. Using this method, remaining oil potentiality of the east of Beierxi is calculated at high water cut period. This provides a theoretical guide to formulation and implementation of the in-situ potential measurement.
Authors: Lei Zhang, Na Na Li, Hui Ru Zhao, Kun Yang
Abstract: As an important energy production and consumption area, the energy saving and emission reduction performance of thermal power enterprises relates to energy conservation and sustainable development of China’s economy. According to the energy saving policies of power industry, a comprehensive evaluation index system of energy saving and emission reduction performance was built, which contains of energy resource consumption, resource utilization, pollutants emissions and build business efficiency four aspects. The index weights were performed by AHP-entropy weight method considering the expertise and objective information. Meanwhile, an improved Matter-element Extension model was built to evaluate the energy saving and emission reduction performance of thermal power enterprise, in which the domain and standards of maximum degree in traditional model was improved. And an improved correlation function was proposed to instead of traditional correlation function, which is based on both maximum membership degree principle and closeness principles. Finally, the numerical results validate the effectiveness and practicality of the improved model.
Authors: Yu Qing Wu, Xing Yao Xiong
Abstract: Along with the development of social economy and culture industry, Garden Aesthetic Evaluation is becoming one of the focus issues for culture industrial administration department and tourists. This paper holds the view that different factors which affect the garden aesthetic perception will not influence the evaluation results linearly and irrelevantly. These factors have their own psychological foundation which are complicated and interactional psychological structure formation in the forming of aesthetic perception. By the Structure Equation Model (SEM), this article used the theoretical research and empirical study on garden aesthetics evaluation and the research results show that the data support the hypothesis of psychological structure formation in achieving garden aesthetics perception. The Researchers can design different structure models for different types of gardens, and obtain data by random sampling in the follow-up studies.
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