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Authors: Zhong Lai Yi, Heng Hu Sun, Jian Hua Wan, Chao Li
Abstract: With the benefits of rapid industrialization, there are inevitable problems such as energy depletion, resource exhaustion, and severe pollution of the environment - all roadblocks to continued social development. Discovering sustainable production techniques has become a top priority. It was under these circumstances that Sialite was born. Sialite is a new kind of silica-alumina-base cementious material. This paper introduces the simulation of rock formation theory and Sialite’s high performance.
Authors: Zhuo Yue Lan, Xiu Juan Li, Si Qing Liu, Wan Ping Wang, Min Zhang
Abstract: Nowadays, the demand of Chinese market for iron ores exceeds the supply. However, more than 90% the iron ores in China is of low grade with 30%Fe in average; the sub-marginal and ultra lean ores account for 40% of the total. Therefore, research on the beneficiation of above ores is extremely significant. This article reviews the present situation and technical problems on utilization of the lean iron ores in China over the past years. Moreover, the major progress in the technology and equipment is summarized. Efficient separation as well as energy saving is still the core in utilization of the ore. Emphasis is placed on different processes developed in upgrading the ore grade to plants and realizing the comprehensive utilization problems.
Authors: Fu Cai Zhao, Jian Tao Ju, Jie Long Liao, Wei Ming Kong, Yao Jun Dang
Abstract: In order to utilize the converter slag that treated by the method of hot braised comprehensively. Using Jiugang hot braised slag as raw material, to determine the chemical composition of the slag with the semi-quantitative analysis and a number of chemical analytical methods. Using X-ray diffraction, optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive spectrometer to analysis the hot braised slag phase and iron phase. Also doing the measurement and analysis to the particle size of the slag, compressive strength and the grinding fineness. It was obtained the conclusion by the comprehensive analysis of hot braised slag that the hot braised slag can be returned to sintering process as solvent and it can also used in the construction、buliding materials and road engineering industry. It is a good suggestion that grounding the slag into a fine powder due to the poor effect of abrasion.
Authors: Yan Guang Liu, Li Nan Yu, Ai Guo Zhou
Abstract: In this paper, we discussed the gangue on the mining area that have bad economic and environmental impact. It has been shown that the coal gangue accumulation could seriously prevent the regional ecological and economic sustainable development. Pollution control technology is the key to solve this problem. So we analyzed it and divided it into three categories: coal gangue prophylaxis and treatment technology of pollution and geologic hazard, coal gangue hill vegetation restoration technology and coal gangue comprehensive utilization technology.
Authors: Xiao Li Ma, I Shin Chang, Jing Wu
Abstract: As the effective and efficient means of resources utilization, biomass energy has become a very valuable and reliable source of alternative energy in China, especially for remote areas and countryside. First, in order to facilitate the development of biogas applications and promote the economic, social and ecological benefits from comprehensive utilization of biogas in rural areas in Urumqi (Capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, XUAR), the biogas potential was estimated, the biogas engineering construction and biogas comprehensive utilization were evaluated, and the existing problems of biogas development were analyzed, in this study. Second, countermeasures and recommendations were proposed in trying to resolved existing problems, based on international practical experience. And, according to local climatic situation and regional characteristics in Urumqi, ecological agriculture was proposed in this study as the development mode for the rural areas in Urumqi, based on the development of biogas technologies and international practical experience.
Authors: Jin Rui Zhang, Ying Li, Li Bing Zhao
Abstract: With the increasing amount of tailings, it has brought many serious problems like take up a lot of land, construction and maintenance tailings reservoirs must be consume a large amount of money. The stockpiled tailings is not only bring drawbacks, but also bring huge economic benefits for us. For example, recycling of useful components contained in the tailings, or use the tailings as a whole. This article introduction the tailings status, utilization and point out direction of future development of tailings utilization.
Authors: Xin Long Yang, Hui Xin Dai, Xiang Li
Abstract: In recent years, the steel industry is in decline. To reduce environmental pollution, increase corporate profits and promote the sustainable development of China's steel industry, developing steel metallurgical slags comprehensive utilization has a very important significance. This article describe the present situation and problems in China's steel metallurgy slag comprehensive utilization, and reach the conclusion that the present method should be improved and the new method of comprehensive utilization should be further developed.
Authors: Wei Zhi Wang, Chun Guang Yang
Abstract: The gold mine discharges tailings massively every day,which results in gold and useful metal draining,simultaneously brings the enormous harm to the environment The approach to comprehensive utilization of tailings of gold mines, including recycle of usable mineral and direct use of ore tailings,is analyzed in the paper, laying a foundation for continuous development of gold mines,comprehensive utilization of resource,and protection of environment.
Authors: Jian Wang, Zeng Kai Zhang, Ju’e Guo
Abstract: Industrial circular economy is based on industry chain and realized through the coordination of upstream and downstream, with the purpose of comprehensive utilization of coal and other byproducts. This paper analyzes the circular economy development mode from the perspective of industry (industrial cycle economy), with Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group as an example, which constructs Ningdong coal base mainly based on coal industrial circular economy. Its experiences provide certain reference for coal industry and other interrelated industries.
Authors: Wei Yan, You Li Feng, Ming Gao Yu, Yu Hong Chao
Abstract: This article has discussed the application of fly ash in the building materials, engineering, farm and industry aspects in detail. At last, it has analyzed the future of application.
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