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Authors: Chun Jun Ji, Xiao Qing Li
Abstract: The flow inside the impeller and diffuser of a turbocharger compressor was analyzed numerically in this paper. The results indicate that the internal flow is disturbed and efficiency is low. There exists a big vortex in the diffuser which dissipates a large amount of energy. Based on the commercial design software, different design parameters were optimized by trial-and-error. Numerical flow analysis results of the final design show that the efficiency is increased by 6.26% and internal flow is improved greatly. It can be concluded that the meridian radius of the impeller flow path has great effect on the compressor performance.
Authors: Li Hai Chen, Qing Zhen Yang, Jin Hui Cui
Abstract: Genetic algorithm (GA) is improved with fast non-dominated sort approach and crowded comparison operator. A new algorithm called parallel multi-objective genetic algorithm (PMGA) is developed with the support of Massage Passing Interface (MPI). Then, PMGA is combined with Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to improve the optimization efficiency. Training samples of the ANN are evaluated based on the two-dimensional Navier-Stokes equation solver of cascade. To demonstrate the feasibility of the hybrid algorithm, an optimization of a controllable diffusion cascade is performed. The optimization results show that the present method is efficient and trustiness.
Authors: Jin Jun Tang, Li Qun Hou, Liang Jun Fei, Yu Lei Li, Xiao Yu Jin
Abstract: This paper is mainly on the research of squeeze casting production automobile air conditioner front cover FS170C, due to the development and optimization of the part in the production process, design and manufacture of low cost mould, the rules of structure and properties of castings is lack of corresponding research, seriously affected the development and market competition ability of the air conditioning compressor front cover. In order to solve the above problems, and to provide reference data and process scheme is necessary, this study to optimize the design of squeeze casting technology of the front cover of the air conditioner, finalized a most reasonable extrusion casting scheme, namely the gating system is more suitable and exhaust system design, and the squeeze casting process parameters, in this scheme next, carries on the mold design, production of squeeze casting of high quality.
Authors: H. Sepehri Amin, Ahmad Kermanpur, Saeed Ziaei-Rad, Hassan Farhangi, M. Mosaddeghfar
Abstract: Several premature failures were occurred in the high-pressure section of an industrial gas turbine compressor due to the fracture of Titanium blade roots. In this work, the failure process of the compressor blades was investigated based on the experimental characterisation. Macro/microfractographic studies were carried out on the fracture surfaces. Optical and scanning electron microscopy of the blade airfoil and root were performed. Mechanical properties of the blade alloy were also evaluated and compared with the standard specifications. The experimental results showed no metallurgical and mechanical defects for the blade materials. Microstructures of the blade root and airfoil as well as the hardness and tensile properties were all comparable with those reported in the standard specification AMS 4928Q. Fractography experiments showed clearly multiple crack initiation sites and fatigue beach marks. Debris particles were observed on the fracture surface of samples and in the mouth of initiated cracks. The blade surface in contact to the disc in the dovetail region showed a higher surface roughness than the other surfaces. Based on the results obtained, the fretting fatigue mechanism was proposed for the premature failures. It was concluded that the stress concentration has been caused by either unsuitable curvature ratio of the disk dovetail, incorrect design of the blade or insufficient distance between the blade root and the disk in dovetail region.
Authors: Ming Hui Ji, Ping Hu, Ji Li, Yun Peng Cai
Abstract: Though the test of a certain domestic car which cause the car body vibration and cab noise under the idle with turning on and off air conditioning system. The result of the test is analyzed by sound pressure and vibration spectrum, which analysis spectrum-frequency characteristics, affecting factors and noise sources of noise.Finding out the main noise and vibration of interior noise caused by air conditioning and refrigeration system; the car dash panel and body wall is the main transmission route of cab vibration;the people feel uncomfortable when opening the air conditioning under idle, because beat frequency is caused by the compressor and engine. It provides a certain reference for the reduction of noise and vibration of car's air conditioning and refrigeration system.
Authors: Md. Iqbal Mahmud, Haeng Muk Cho
Abstract: Electromagnetic control valve (ECV) controls an automobile vehicle air conditioning compressor based on a pulse width modulation (PWM) input signal that supplied from an external controller. For maintaining a suitable range of temperatures inside the vehicle, suction and crankcase port pressure controls the swash (wobble) plate at certain angle. Suction and crankcase port pressure controlled in ECV can be analyzed by experimental test by considering different technical assumptions. This research paper highlights the flow of air from crankcase port with correspondence with amount of variable supply of current to obtain the experimental test data which is important to maintain the vehicle temperature inside the compartment for passengers comfort.
Authors: Chuan Wu Li, Xian Yan Wang
Abstract: The new energy electric bus has already been used for many years; however, it is also not strange that there are problems in the actual operation process. Base on the running status of new energy vehicles during the early stage, this article provides some opinions on problems of using electrically driven compressor, which is mainly stated oil carryover and vibration noise of several kinds of electrically driven compressor and enumerated the partial performance of the compressors. After all, the behavior of compressor will not only directly affect the braking safety performance, but also had a greater influence on the Sequential maintenance costs.
Authors: Zhi Hua Li, Zhou Li, Tao Ma
Abstract: The energy saving method in tire factory has got more and more attention. In view of the characteristics that the using air capacity is vast and not steady-going in tire factory, the paper analyses and discusses the enactment of the running parameters and the choice of the running mode about the air compressing system, and sets forth the resolving project to raise the running efficiency and achieve the purpose of energy saving.
Authors: Jin Chuan Zhang, Yun Wang, Can Zhang
Abstract: In conventional turbofan aero-engine designs, the effective way of improvement of engine efficiency is through the increasing of overall pressure ratio and improving of combustor inlet gas temperature, but the further incresement of compressor overall pressor ratio is constricted by high pressure compressor outlet allowed temperature. The improvement of combustor outlet temperature is limited by turbine allowed inlet temperature during take-off and climbing. An intercooled core can be designed with a significantly higher overall pressure ratio also with reduced cooling air requirements, providing a higher thermal efficiency compared with a conventional core. Through the basic analysis of performance of intercooler aeroengines. It indicated that the intercooled aero-engines can decrese the feul consume clearly and have a further potential in future civil aircraft application.
Authors: Yong Ming Feng, Dong Lai Zhao, Peng Qi Zhang
Abstract: A calculation of an axial compressor characteristics is made based on Elman neural network. The experimental data provided by manufacturers are used for the neural network training.To establish the function model to obtain the pressure ratio and efficiency respectively. The result show that Elman neural network both have a good precision for prediction of interpolation and extrapolation.
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