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Authors: Jozef Kačur, Jozef Minár
Abstract: We model the flow of the contaminated water through the porous media sample. We model the inflow of water, flux of water in the sample, flux of the contaminant in the water in the sample, adsorption of the contaminant in the sample and the outflow of the contaminated water from the sample. During the process, there appears fully saturated zone, partially saturated zone and dry zone. We consider Darcys law for flux of the water in fully saturated zone and Richards equation for flux in the partially saturated zone. Flux of the contaminant is governed by Ficks law and the adsorption of contaminant is modeled using Freundlich isotherm. Problem is solved in 1D using numerical solution based on the MOL method. Since flow of the water is independent of the contaminant, we compute separately saturation in the whole time interval and then contamination of water and adsorption of contaminant in the sample.
Authors: Ce Ming Zhang, Xiao Mei Huang, Shi Ni Peng, Chang Yin Liao
Abstract: Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a kind of clean and efficient energy. On one hand import LNG may diversify the energy structure and safeguard energy security for energy consumers, on the other hand the expansion in LNG export may well develop natural gas resources, increase foreign exchange income and promote national economic for energy producers. Therefore, LNG trade is becoming a new hot spot in the global energy market. In this paper, LNG consumption market structure was analyzed based on the popularization ratio of urban gas and consumption concentration of GDP worth of ten thousand yuan. LNG market present situation in China was explained accurately and reasonably.
Authors: Tian Hu He, Yan Bo Niu, Shuan Hu Shi, Yong Bin Ma
Abstract: The generalized thermoelastic diffusion problem with temperature-dependent properties is investigated in the context of the theory of generalized thermoelastic diffusion. The results show that all the considered variables have a non-zero value only in a bounded region and vanish identically beyond this region, and the temperature-dependent properties act to reduce all the considered variables.
Authors: Dan Li, Wei Xin Luan
Abstract: To study the rationality of concentration of coastal container ports in China, a comparison of container port concentration of China and other countries' has been carried out. The result shows that the concentration of Chinese ports is relatively low, but the container throughput of Chinese ports is relatively high and their average container throughput is much higher than other countries’ ports’. If we continuously promoted the concentration of coastal container ports, the main Chinese ports' container throughout would grow excessively. That will bring some negative effects to the port located cities and hinder the healthiness and steadiness of port development. So, although the current concentration of Chinese ports is relatively low, in consideration of the facts of our country, the status of low concentration should be maintained or becomes even lower, to ensure the sustainable development of coastal container ports.
Authors: Xiao Zheng, Zhen Ning Liu
Abstract: This paper reveals the concentration status of the construction industry in the 8 provinces of southeast China, its impact on the local communities, and proposes a tentative plan to stimulate local economy through industrial concentration based on the measurement and calculation of Gini coefficient in the 8 provinces and regression analysis of their population and output of steel and concrete.
Authors: Salehuddin Ibrahim, Nurfaizah Md Ruhi, Mohd Amri Md Yunus, Belal Ghanem, Mahdi Faramarzi
Abstract: This paper presents an investigation on the use of tomography system using using optical and electrodynamic sensors. The system obtains data from both sensors which detect the flow in a process pipe. Information on the flow is processed in order to display the image reconstruction of a solid flow.
Authors: Yan Jiang, Jun Rui Wu, Xi Qing Yue, Jian Zang
Abstract: The presence of heavy metals in the environment can be detrimental to a variety of living species including human. River crabs are sensitive to heavy metals .The concentrations of cadmium, copper, lead and zinc were analyzed in muscles, hepatopancreas, gills and exoskeletons using ICP-MS . Zinc was greater in muscles and hepatopancreas, whereas copper was greater in muscles and gills. Cadmium and lead were within the range of limits for hazardous substance about the pollution-free food. Then river crab can be an effective bioindicator for assessing metal levels in environment.
Authors: Xiu Li Du, Ming Ying Liu
Abstract: To resolve the problem of Gabor transform window width and order selection for Time-Frequency Distribution Series (TFDS), a parameters selection method for TFDS based on normalized entropy has been proposed, especially the adaptive selection method of order. The normalized entropy is used to measure the concentration and cross-terms of TFDS firstly, and then the relation between the order and width of Gabor transform window function and the concentration and cross-terms of TFDS is used to realize adaptive selection of window width and order parameter, which overcomes the subjective selection problem of the order. The simulation results show that the proposed method can effectively select optimal TFDS parameters for simulated and experimental ultrasonic tesing signal, and can get TFDS with good concentration and high resolution.
Authors: Artem V. Azarov, Natalia S. Zhukova, I.V. Stefanenko, M.A. Nikolenko
Abstract: Article is devoted to a research of aerosol systems of supply ventilation. Expediency of creation and use of water and aerosol systems for decrease in concentration of fine-dispersion dust in working zones, and as a result, decrease in negative impact on operators of various productions is proved. The design of a centrifugal mechanical one-slot-hole nozzle is proposed. Problems of dust content in air of a working zone and impact of particles of PM10 and PM2,5 on an organism of workers are considered.
Authors: Yong Liu, Liang Dong, Jie Fan, Rui Wang, Ru Dong Chen
Abstract: An allometrical scaling relationship between the solution concentration and the nanofiber diameter in bubble electrospinning was established. The scaling law was validated with experimental results using bubble-electrospun Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) nanofibers at different concentration PVP solutions. The results showed that the average diameter of PVP nanofibers increased approximately exponentially with solution concentration in bubble electrospinning process. The experimental data agreed well with the theoretical predictions, and showed that the present model had high prediction accuracy.
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