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Authors: Ali Sami Abdul Jabbar, Md. Ashraful Alam, Kamal Nasharuddin Mustapha
Abstract: Shear strengthening of RC beam with adhesively bonded carbon fiber reinforced-polymer (CFRP) laminates is becoming both environmentally and economically more preferable than replacement. However, the early separation of these plated stripes was the most critical failure which leads to prevent reaching the full capacity required from the strengthening. This study aims to present a new method to prevent debonding failure of CFRP laminates adhesively glued to concrete surface using embedded connectors to enhance the interfacial bond strength. Therefore, steel bar and adhesive connectors were fabricated and used at the interface of the bonded CFRP laminates. Five beam specimens including one control beam were tested to investigate the effects of the connectors to prevent or delay the premature debonding of the EB CFRP laminates. The experimental results showed that both steel and adhesive connectors completely prevented premature debonding failure of CFRP shear strip and allowed the beams to fail by flexure with full ductility and strength. Steel and adhesive connectors would enhance 33% and 38% failure loads respectively as compared to strengthened beam without connectors.
Authors: Md Ashraful Alam, Ali Sami Abdul Jabbar, Mohd Zamin Jumaat, Kamal Nasharuddin Mustapha
Abstract: Repair of reinforced concrete beam with externally bonded steel plate or fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) laminate is becoming both environmentally and economically preferable rather than replacement of deficient beam. The well known advantages of external reinforcement over other methods include; low cost, ease of maintenance and the ability to strengthen part of the structure while it is still in use. The disadvantage of this method, however, is the premature debonding of the externally bonded strips which is brittle and undesired mode of failure. It is also known that debonding of the externally bonded steel plates prevents the reinforced concrete (RC) beam from reaching its full strengthening capacity. The aim of this study was to increase the scientific understanding on the behaviour of damaged reinforced concrete beams strengthened and/or retrofitted for shear using vertical steel plate fixed with adhesive and steel connectors to eliminate or delay debonding failure. Four reinforced concrete beam specimens were prepared to investigate the effects of connectors in preventing or delaying premature debonding of shear strips to restore the capacities of fully damaged beams. Three damaged beams have been repaired and strengthened with steel plates and loaded monotonically up to the maximum load capacities in order to define load–deflection relationship. It is concluded that the repairing of severely shear-damaged RC beams with steel plates by using steel and adhesive connectors can fully restore the original shear capacities of the beams.
Authors: Torsten Linz, René Vieroth, Christian Dils, Mathias Koch, Tanja Braun, Karl Friedrich Becker, Christine Kallmayer, Soon Min Hong
Abstract: This document explains different approaches to integrating electronics in textiles. It discusses reliability standards and tests for electronics in textiles. Encapsulation technologies are evaluated concerning their applicability in textile integrated electronics. Furthermore a specific assembly with embroidered wiring and embroidered interconnections has been developed and improved. Two different encapsulation technologies have been developed for this assembly. Standardized tests have been carried out to assess the reliability of the assembly and its encapsulations. Finally the achievements are critically discussed.
Authors: Tiago Valente, Davide Colarusso, Marisa Pecce, Francesca Ceroni, Joaquim Barros
Abstract: An innovative technique is being developed for the structural rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete (RC) structures. In particular, the infill walls of RC framed structures are often identified as non-structural elements, but currently are considered with an important role in the structural behavior because they participate to the in-plane strength and stiffness of the frames and they can give very dangerous crashes out-of-plane. In this paper a strengthening technique aimed to repair infill walls is proposed. It is based on the application of outer thin layers of ultra-high ductile fiber reinforced mortar (UHDFRM) applied according to the shotcrete technique, including the use of embedded through section (ETS) connectors. This strengthening system can exhibit a high strength and ductile behavior, increase the load carrying capacity, energy absorption and dissipation capacities, and ultimately improve the structural response of RC structures when submitted to loading conditions typical of seismic events. An experimental program was outlined in order to assess the contribution of different types of ETS connectors on the behavior of the strengthening system. The experimental program comprised the performance of push-out tests on samples representative of the structural strengthening solution, namely low strength concrete samples. The experimental results are discussed in detail in order to highlight the effectiveness of the various types of ETS connectors tested.
Authors: Zhen Po Wang, Hai Bin Han, Lu Zeng
Abstract: The short driving range and long charging time are two big problems for electric vehicles. A concept of battery pack automatic replacement is put forward in this paper to solve these problems, and a deep research on the key techniques is contained. This paper introduced the way of positioning and locking in replacement process, including the concrete structure of both replacing equipment and battery pack. For reliability problems of the connectors, two schemes are designed. Elastic jacks and coil are adopted to guarantee the reliability and automatically centering. On this basis, battery fast replacing system is designed, which controlled by PLC, driven by electro-hydraulic servo. This was proved to be a big success in practice.
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