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Authors: Fu Yuan Li, Jun Wang
Abstract: As a base of optimization of metal cutting, a new method of solution of optimization for single pass turning is proposed in this paper. There are three parts for this new method. Firstly, the optimal point must exist on the boundary of the feasible domain of the cutting conditions. Secondly, it is easy to add the processing of determining the boundary of feasible domain as new constraints. Thirdly, the local optimal point on every piece of line or curve of the boundary can be calculated, and finally the minimum of those local optimal points is the final optimal point. There are no local optimal points on the curves of constraints Tmin and Tmax except the intersection points. In addition, the trend of the objective function is affected by the rate . It is helpful to calculate the optimal point by computer. This approach provides a basic research on the affection of the statistics characteristic of the empirical functions used in this case.
Authors: Di Ming Ai, Yu Fei Jia, Jun Yan Zhao, Ling Jie Kong
Abstract: A aircraft parking position assignment problem is a complex optimization problem with many constrains. In this paper, an assignment model is built with the consideration of constrain treatment. A 2 neighborhood particle swarm optimizer is adopted. The numerical experiment results demonstrate the effectiveness of proposed model and optimization strategy.
Authors: Li Shan Cui, Yan Jun Zheng
Abstract: In a constrained martensitic transformation of shape memory alloys, a fraction of martensite is always retained in the materials. Experimental results showed that the remaining martensite could be plastically deformed by the generated recovery stresses. The self-tension process elevated the reverse transformation temperatures of the remaining martensite, and the external constraint conditions had no significant effect on the self-tension process of the remaining martensite.
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