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Authors: Chun Yan Gao, Jian Guang Niu, Xiu Qing Xing
Abstract: In view of the study on the quality cost prediction of construction enterprises, this paper established a relatively good index system of quality cost projections. The quality cost of construction enterprise is evaluated by introducing a new mathematical model —Uncertaintymethod. As a new Uncertainty information processing method, Unascertained overcomes the shortcomings of fuzzy evaluation method does not meet the measurement criteria.
Authors: Yan Liu, Peng Deng, Deng Ke Yang
Abstract: According to analyzing the status quo and tendency of energy conservation and environmental protection in construction enterprises, some measures about using resources, energy and water more efficiently are proposed to promote the green construction.
Authors: Ying Ou
Abstract: The human resources structure situation and its the subject problems of the Chinese construction enterprises were analyzed, The reasons were studied from the aspect of the planned economy system, human affairs system, internal management system and enterprise human capital investment. The target-oriented measures were proposed to optimize the human resources structure of the chinese construction enterprise and enhance the enterprise competitiveness.
Authors: Wei Xue
Abstract: The construction enterprise are facing fierce competition in the market with the development of market economy, the ability of the enterprise to gain a foothold in the increasingly fierce market economy environment lies in the ability of the enterprise to provide building products of high- quality, short- duration and low cost for the community. This shows that if the enterprise can improve their own management level of project construction, especially their management level of project cost, then it is easy for them to survive in the competitive market economy environment and invincible .This article analyzes the main problems that cost control exists in the construction phase, put forward rationalization measures to solve these problems, and offer some proposals for cost control in the construction phase.
Authors: Zhang Qian
Abstract: This paper proposes causality model of qualitative simulation for construction enterprise core competence; then knowledge representation and methods of conversion for variable, filtration methods of qualitative branches and steps of qualitative simulation are designed; additionally results of simulation are analyzed. The simulation results can be intuitively represented by curve in which elements of construction enterprise core competence and the overall level change with the internal and external conditions. Peak value and valley value of construction enterprise core competence fluctuation curve provide decision support for manager to develop and timely adjust enterprise development strategy. Finally a simulation example is given to explain simulation process and result analysis.
Authors: Lan Fang Chen, Gang Wu, Yi Bin Zhang
Abstract: The introduction of the thought of supply chain management into the construction industry can improve the competitiveness of enterprises. Based on the integration of both the effect of the supply chain as well as supply chain management and the actual situation, this paper analyzed the necessity of the construction and implementation of supply chain management of the construction enterprise. Compared with the supply chain of manufacturing industry, we found it feasible to implement supply chain management in the construction industry and analyzed the obstacles in it. Finally, it pointed out that the clustering of construction materials, information technology, business process reengineering, outsourcing of projects logistics and so on were the basis of constructing supply chain management of the construction enterprise, and accordingly the joint-design supply chain model of the project cost-oriented and the responsiveness-oriented was established.
Authors: Ji Hong Liu
Abstract: This paper described the characteristics of construction enterprises when they were at various stages of bidding ,signing contracts, constructing, complements and settlements as well as the methods and measures in various stages under the mode of list valuation.
Authors: Chun Jie Ma, Yan Ting Ma
Abstract: Based on the analysis of the current status on the credit crisis of construction enterprises, this paper established the Credit Evaluation Index System of Construction Enterprises combined with modern characteristics in the industry. By using the method of Analytic Hierarchy Process and Cluster Analysis, we determine the weight of each index, and then calculate each index data using fuzzy mathematic principle. Thus give an objective evaluation on the credit situation of construction enterprises.
Authors: Xue Xin Huang, Xue Mei Wang
Abstract: Combining the TOPSIS method and AHP method, established comparison matrix which reflected the importance between the factors in the indicator system. After gotten the weight coefficient vector, compared the calculated TOPSIS standardized decision matrix, and then defined the best supplier and the worst supplier. Calculated the Euclidean distance between each supplier with the best supplier and the worst supplier to get the supplier closeness to the best supplier, and then determined ranking of the alternatives. The last case study verified the reliability and the feasibility of the model.
Authors: Yan Zhang, Jun Sheng Mu
Abstract: Quality is the life of the construction enterprise,reducing the cost of construction is the goal of enterprise pursuit, the factors must be considered are analyzed in the establishment of construction enterprise quality cost control system, according to the observation, comparative observation and expected results, when necessary corrective action steps, the quality cost control system is established in construction enterprises, in order to achieve the best balance of quality and cost of the construction enterprise
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