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Authors: Yan Li Cao, Xiao Huo Li, Yong Dong Sha, Hong Mei Liu
Abstract: In order to obtain the continuous miner cutting ability of picks and its adaptability to coal, the average cutting force of continuous miner is got by means of the cutting electromotor power, and the cutting impedance is got compared with the single cutting resistance. It calculated and analyzed roller diameter, roller rotating speed, cutting power and the influence of the number of picks at work at the same time to the single cutting resistance.
Authors: Xiao Huo Li, Ren Peng Tang, Yong Dong Sha, Shuai Wi Bai, Jing Hui Zhang
Abstract: In order to fine working states of a continuous miner hydraulic system, diagnose quickly and effectively its faults, reduce failure rate, save maintenance time and improve the reliability and productivity of a continuous miner, the GA-PSO hybrid optimization method of fuzzy neural network is used in fault diagnosis of a continuous miner hydraulic system in the paper, a intelligent fault diagnosis expert system of a hydraulic system is designed by means of taking VC 6.0 as the programming platform, using SQL SERVER 2000 as database, embedding MATLAB7.1 in the internal. The system is simple in man-machine interface and good in man-machine conversation, capable of analyzing accurately and judging properly failures of a continuous miner hydraulic system.
Authors: Gui Liu, Nai Zhong Xu, Chao Gao, Lei Li
Abstract: In order to solve the problem of coal mining under villages of regions of Yaoqiao Mine, through comprehensive analysis, the author considers that strip mining has feasibility in realistic, meanwhile, a series of mining width and retaining width was studied for strip mining and eventually a mining project was put forward to meet the unique conditions. By comparing application conditions and range of application between continuous miner used in strip type of Wongawilli coal mining method and shortwall shearer mining method, the author analyzes the economic benefit and draws a conclusion that shortwall shearer mining method has better applicability. Those all provide a new way to mining under villages in Yaoqiao Mine and the conclusion can also be used for reference in similar mining conditions.
Authors: Xiao Huo Li, Xin Wei Yu, Xiao Hong Ma, Ying Bo Zhao
Abstract: In order to study characteristics of loads on a cutting drum of a continuous miner, a mathematic model of random loads on the drum is set up in the paper by means of defining probability distributions of three-direction loads, loads and their variations on a cutting drum are given by building a computer simulation program when it cuts pure coal, rock and hard parcel. Results show that swing resistance is the greatest, forward resistance is the second, axial resistance is the least; a cutting resistance torque increases with the increase of broken media strength; loads cut stone layer are much larger than pure coal; range of load change and load fluctuations are big as cutting hard parcel, these conclusions are correspond with the actual situation.
Authors: Yan Li Cao, Xiao Huo Li, Cai Xia Chao
Abstract: In order to study the effects of cutting speed on a continuous miner cutting performance, set up the equations of Cantilever’s swing speed, draw graph of chips in different swing speed and rotate speed, analysis the effects of them on continuous miner cutting performance. In order to reduce the fluctuation of cutting speed and get large lump coal rate , reduce the rotate speed of drum and swing speed of cantilever as far as possible, and reduce the maximum swing angle.
Authors: Xiao Huo Li, X.H. Ma
Abstract: A continuous miner is one of wall mechanized coal face; its design quality and performance have directly effect on coal productivity and economic benefits. A pick on a continuous miner, contacting with coal and rock, is a tool cutting directly coal and rock, its force condition during it cuts determines directly loads of the cutting mechanism, pick wear and tear, fabric vibration and cutting performance of the machine, is the basis for the design of a continuous miner. By considering a variety of factors, a mathematical model, including the coal and rock properties, structural parameters of a pick, pick sequence, cutting parameters of the continuous miner, is established in the paper, visualization software which can be directly reflected pick' forces on the continuous miner is design. On this basis, pick' forces of a continuous miner under different working conditions are simulated and studied, which create conditions for understanding pick' force during cutting process of a continuous miner, computer-aided design of the cutting mechanism, dynamic design and research of the machine.
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