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Authors: He Nan Bu, Zhu Wen Yan, Wen Peng, Shu Zong Chen, Dian Hua Zhang
Abstract: The process control system for tandem cold mill is the core of the production line control system. Its operating status influences the stable production of strip directly. In this paper a tandem cold rolling process control system of cold-rolled sheet plant was taken as an object, the structural framework of control system was designed, the composition and function was introduced.
Authors: Yan Wu, Jian Gang Lu, Qin Min Yang
Abstract: In this paper, a novel control system is introduced for a micro process system for the manufacturing of nanoparticles. An impinging-jet micromixer is used as the microreactor for mixing two fluid phases. In order to increase the scalability of the manufacturing system, a high speed image acquisition and processing subsystem is utilized to provide real-time visual feedback. Jet slope and shape are calculated automatically to evaluate the outcome of the mixing. A control algorithm consisting of a feedforward and feedback components is then implemented to control the pump’s flowrate to deliver guaranteed performance even with the presence of external disturbance and system uncertainty. Experimental results show the feasibility of the proposed solution.
Authors: Zheng Qun Hu, Guo Xiang Ai, Li Rong Zhang, Chao Hu
Abstract: For the needs of a satellite navigation and communication system, we design and implement a terminal control system in the integration of navigation and communication system in this paper. The control system consists of CPU controller, GPS positioning module, smart finding and alignment satellite module, transmit/receive baseband, RF module, voice module and other functional modules, which has navigation and communication function. Satellite communication includes voice communication and data communication. The voice communication interface is operated conveniently, which using I/Q quadrature BPSK modulation to set up satellite links easily. It has a good communication quality. Data communication using the bidirectional answer mode to make success rate close to 100% in data upward to the communication center station, which is well to meet the needs in data upward.
Authors: Hong She Dang, Chen Xie, Sai Sai Gao
Abstract: According to actual control requirements, broadcast transmitter control system is designed with PLC as the core controller. The system hardware design is described and the software design is introduced in detail based on integrated development environment. Transmitter control system functions are realized. And the system can not only meet all the control requirements, but also has a powerful remote control ability and human-computer interaction with good reliability and real-time after the laboratory test and field test.
Authors: Peng Peng Huang, Jian Fu Chen, Qiang Lei
Abstract: According to the work requirements of a production line of sheet metal handling, using the mechanical design principles and methods, pneumatic technology and PLC control technology for sheet metal handling manipulator research and design, and development a style of automatic handling manipulator meeting the requirements. This article introduced the sheet metal handling manipulator and principles of the basic structure of the hand, pneumatic systems and PLC control system design and analysis. Practice shows that the manipulator has a simple structure, reliable, efficient features, which meet actual production needs.
Authors: Xiu Ying Tang, Yi Zhe Chen, Yan Kun Peng, Xiu Wang, Yang Xu, Wei Long Yang, Wei Wang
Abstract: A real-time control system with TMS320F2812 DSP microprocessor as a control core for precision variable rate fertilization was designed, which were composed of the power system, DSP microprocessor controller, executive mechanism for variable rate fertilization, data storage module, speed test module and human-computer interaction module. A human-computer interaction interface system based on data storage and graphics was developed and the main control program was programmed. When the control system is working, the fertilizer rate is firstly entered by human-computer interaction interface, nextly the fertilizer rate and speed information are read into the DSP controller, and then the speed information is transmitted to monitor, finally the output pulses needed by motors are calculated, so the fertilizer rate can be controlled accurately. An experiment was conducted in the laboratory environment. The results showed that the error of fertilization rate of each fertilizer element was nitrogen (N: 0.05%), phosphorus (P:0.73%) and potassium (K:1.16%) respectly, and the consistency variability coefficient of fertilization rate of each fertilizer was nitrogen (N: 0.31%), phosphorus (P: 0.32%) and potassium (K: 0.15%) respectly. The control system for precision variable rate fertilization has high precision, good reliability and stability.
Authors: Rui Hou, Xu Ming Long, Ming Xiao Liu
Abstract: An energy saving control system of Mining Street LED light is designed Based on SCM, improving the lights wastage in the process of coal mine production. The energy-saving LED is used suitable for the vehicle past situation and environment. The overall design and module analysis is described .The Practice has proved that the control system has a good economic and practical value designed by SCM as the core, LED light source as energy-saving lamps.
Authors: Zhang Lei, Chang Tian Qing, Su Kui Feng
Abstract: For the fault detection of mechatronic control system, based on observer a feedforward compensation approach was presented. The model of a mechatronic control system was investigated and divided into two loops for disturbance compensation and fault detection. The external disturbance of the vehicle was analyzed, and the relationship between the support shaft friction moment as main disturbance element and the attitude effect of the vehicle was built by the way of data curve fitting. The adjustment coefficients were proposed respectively in nine kinds of running section of the vehicle, because disturbance was very complicated and time-variant in different section. Fault detection observer was designed to generate residuals in the inner loop, and the whole residual was calculated. The compensation was deduced in accordance with responses produced by the disturbance, so the disturbance could be compensated. Band filter was proposed for other noises. Finally, an example was presented to illustrate the proposed approach. The simulation results showed that the disturbance elements can be compensated rapidly.
Authors: Hong Hua Xu, Li Li, Hong Yu Zhai
Abstract: Control system of microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo rock three triaxial test instrument adopts closed loop control and the control strategy is based on PID control. Because the conventional PID control cannot meet the control accuracy and stability of system, the intelligent fuzzy controller is introduced to realize the automatic processing in control process. The fuzzy PID controller's design procedure is given to determine the fuzzy domain, fuzzy rules, calculating the reference method and defuzzification process of membership function.
Authors: Eugen Diaconescu, Florentina Magda Enescu
Abstract: This paper presents some considerations on the posibility of using of multi-agent systems MAS in building SCADA systems. It also describes the laboratory test bench developed by us for the testing of the SCADA-MAS compound. It is shown the reflection in the literature of the SCADA-MAS subject to the extent that it exists and the main concepts underlying the two important technologies, one of which is of technical and engineering origin, and the other is related to artificial intelligence. We evaluates the prejudgement concerning incompatibility or the disimilarity of the two technologies having divergent characteristics. We propose research directions suitable for multi-agent systems to assist in solving industrial SCADA networks.
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