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Authors: Nan Gu, Lan Po Zhao, Xing Min Zhao
Abstract: slow and controlled release fertilizer; Development progress; Application status; suggestionAbstract: Slow and Controlled release fertilizer is a new fertilizer, which only improves the utilization rate of fertilizer, labor-saving, but also solves the problems of environmental pollution caused by common chemical fertilizer. Moreover, it has important significance in sustainable agriculture development. Based on the study of slow and controlled release fertilizer, we summarized a large number of research materials at home and abroad, comprehensive elaborated the development progress of slow and controlled release fertilizer in China, and reviewed the utilization efficiency of fertilizer in different corps. On this basis, we put forward suggestions for resolving present problems in China.
Authors: Zong Rong Ying, Hai Shen Liu, Rui Yan, Tian Yin Yang, Zhi Min Dang
Abstract: Urea-formaldehyde (UF) resins modified by montmorillonite(MMT) were prepared for coating materials of controlled-release fertilizers. The influences of MMT on the mechanical properties and fertilizer-permeation performance of UF resin were studied. The mechanical properties of modified UF resins are enhanced by the addition of MMT. The shear strength of modified UF resin with 3% MMT increases by nearly 20% and reaches the maximum. The urea permeation rate of modified UF resin membranes decreases with the increasing of membrane thickness and increases with the increasing of MMT content.
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