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Authors: Yücel Birol
Abstract: Thixoforming offers the possibility of forming complex aluminum parts with a superior quality and a reduction of processing steps. The production of a fine, equiaxed, globular microstructure is essential for thixoforming. Strain Induced Melt Activation (SIMA) and the Cooling Slope (CS) casting processes were employed to produce AA6082 thixotropic feedstock in the present work.. SIMA process produces such a microstructure through recrystallization of heavily deformed billets and a subsequent heat treatment in the mushy zone. Molten metal with a suitable superheat is cast over a water-cooled, inclined metal plate into a permanent mould to produce the thixotropic billet in the CS casting route. The effect of cold work and heating temperature and time were investigated for the SIMA process where as the effect of CS length, casting temperature on the final microstructures were investigated for a fixed set of heating conditions in the CS casting route.
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