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Authors: Hong Xue Xie, John Prausnitz, Xiu Ling Wu
Abstract: The orthogonal L9 (3)4 method was used to analyze the effect of a few processing parameters on crystallinity of pretreated miscanthus. The optimal conditions were: the miscanthus concentration was 30mg per gram of solvent, the temperature and time for dissolution were 120°C and 2 h respectively, and aqueous K3PO4 was used for precipitation. For these optimal conditions, the crystallinity index is about 41%, significantly lower than that of new miscanthus whose crystallinity index is 64%. A decrease in crystallinity favors efficient hydrolysis of cellulose to sugars that can be fermented to ethanol.
Authors: Jian Zhi Yue, Yan Yan Jing, Zhi Ping Zhang, Quan Guo Zhang
Abstract: The effect of particle size on the water-soluble substances and microscopic structure of sorghum straw powder were investigated. Sorghum straw powder with four particle size (300 ~ 450μm, 125 ~ 150μm, 97 ~ 105μm, 330 ~ 420nm ) were studied for analysing changes of water-soluble substances and microscopic structure. The results showed that with the particle size decreasing the pH value of water-soluble substances decreased, the concentration of reducing sugar in water increased firstly then began to decrease when it reached to a certain value, the crystallinity of sorghum straw powder decreased, and the degree of polymerization of sorghum straw was lowered ,respectively.
Authors: J.J. del Val, C. Miguel, J. González, J.M. Gonzalez
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