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Authors: Dominique Tournier, Phillippe Godignon, Josep Montserrat, Dominique Planson, Christophe Raynaud, Mihai Lazar, Jean-Pierre Chante, F. Sarrus, Christian Bonhomme, J.-F. de Palma
Authors: Alexander Glot, G. Behr, Jens Werner
Authors: Dominique Tournier, Pascal Bevilacqua, Dominique Planson, Hervé Morel, Pierre Brosselard, Josep Montserrat, André Lhorte, S. Carcouet, D. Leonard
Abstract: The expansion of the electrical communications and distribution networks strongly contribute to the increase in the risks of appearance of defaults, such as over-voltage and/or over-current. These developments promote the emergence of safety devices for serial protection commonly named Current Limiting Devices (CLD's). This work presents the design, manufacture and characterization of silicon carbide accuMOSFET of high power density ratings. Components able to limit the current up to 450A @ 350V were manufactured and characterized. Specific characterization test benches were developed, able to provide high energy pulses required for characterization. CLDs behavior subjected to short overloads has been measured experimentally and analyzed be means of simulations for long-time overloads. A maximum sustainable high energy of 35 Joules has been estimated. This achievement give opportunities to build new architectures of serial protection systems.
Authors: Janos Kósa, Istvan Vajda
Abstract: The paper presents the results of our experiments with novel devices, which may open a new path for advanced applications by using continuous, perfectly closed superconducting YBCO loops. With this solution we wanted to examine whether it is possible to create novel fault current limiter, 3-phase self-limiting transformer. We considered the significance and efficiency of the perfect closed loop made from YBCO wire. The used superconducting wire was produced at SuperPower, Inc. in New York, USA. Type: SF 12050.
Authors: Dominique Tournier, Phillippe Godignon, José Millan, Dominique Planson, Jean-Pierre Chante, F. Sarrus, J.-F. de Palma
Authors: Maxime Berthou, Dominique Planson, Dominique Tournier
Abstract: With the commercial availability of SiC power transistors, this decade will mark an important breakthrough in power transistor technology. However, in power electronic systems, disturbances may place them in short-circuit condition and little knowledge exist about their SC capability. This paper presents our study of SiC MOSFETs, JFETs and BJT under capacitive load short-circuit up to 600V.
Authors: Jean-Pierre Chante, Dominique Tournier, Dominique Planson, Christophe Raynaud, Mihai Lazar, Marie Laure Locatelli, Pierre Brosselard
Authors: Andreas Hürner, Tobias Erlbacher, Heinz Mitlehner, Anton J. Bauer, Lothar Frey
Abstract: In this study, the electrical performance of Bipolar-Injection Field-Effect-Transistors (BiFET) in dependence on the junction temperature is presented for the first time. Based on these results, the short circuit capability of the BiFET is discussed. Thereby, the saturation current is estimated to be approximately 150mA at 300K and it increases by a factor of 5 by rising the temperature up to 450K as analyzed in this study. Furthermore, the reduction of the gate-voltage window of the BiFET at elevated temperatures is comparable to unipolar JFETs, and indicates a very good controllability over a wide temperature range. Finally, numerical simulations demonstrate the potential to improve the electrical performance of the BiFET drastically by adjusting the doping concentration in the control region and increasing the ambipolar lifetime in the p-doped drift layer without influencing the dependency on the junction temperature.
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