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Authors: Wen Tao Liu, Zhong Hu Yuan, Xiao Wei Han
Abstract: For the good performance of Double closed-loop DC speed control system, it is widely used . When the motor are selected, the parameters of the system can not be changed. Then,the system performance can only be improved by changing the parameters of the inner ring current regulator and outer ring speed regulator of the double-loop DC converter system. This paper studies mathematical modeling and system simulation of Direct Current Governor System on Matlab simulink platform. The simulation method, can adjust the system controller parameters flexibly, so as to achieve the ideal design results, and the design of the system are analyzed, the optimal "parameter range" is found, It can save the time of system development,and improve the standardization degree of system design.And the simulation results of the system can provide primary plannings and guidances for the actual system design,thereby lower the design cost of hardware largely, enhance the accuracy of hardware installation.
Authors: Xin Ying Yan, Bo Mo, He Qi, Hai Wen Zhu
Abstract: Seeker plays an extremely important role in precision-guided weapons, among which the high tracking precision ability of servo system is one of the key technology. This paper studies the three-loop control system applied in the rate gyro stabilized platform of an infrared seeker and researches the stability, rapidity and accuracy of speed loop ,current loop and position loop. Finally, according to the engineering project, we can verify the validity and applicability of this triple loop system.
Authors: Guan Da Liu, Bo Mo, De Zhi Zhou, Shu Cen Du
Abstract: Brushless DC motor (BLDCM) is adopted in the driving of a three-axis turntable. A high-speed current sampling system plays a vital role in intelligent control. This article firstly describes the working principle of a triple-closed-loop regulation system and emphatically dissects the characteristic of the current-loop among speed-loop and position-loop. Secondly, a signal acquisition-alignment circuit of three phases’ current and voltage is designed. Based on ADS8365, a scheme of high-speed current loop’s precise and synchronous sampling system is provided. Finally, experimental results have proved the validity and practicality of the scheme applied in the control of three-axis turntable.
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