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Authors: Feng Yuan, Zhi Ping Wang
Abstract: The concept and usage of cutter offset compensation was introduced, and the cutter wear compensation and cutter radius compensation were calculated. The processing error produced by tool corner radius was analyzed, and the function, application occasion and usage of radius compensation in CNC lathe cutter is discussed, which has special significance for the accurate machining. The examples are given to illustrate how to using methods and skills in NC turning programming reasonably.
Authors: Ming Ming Wu, Jian Ming Zhan, Jian Bo Zhang
Abstract: . Lots of new automatic polishing methods and equipments have been developed to solve the problem of low efficiency and quality in the traditional handwork curved surfaces polishing. However, these methods and equipments are complex and difficult to be applied in the industrial production. This paper proposes a new technology of rotate surface compliant polishing based on NC lathe cutter radius compensation. An efficient and compact rotate surfaces compliant polishing system is developed, which consists of a NC lathe, flexible polishing tool, workpiece, fixture and also the automatic programming software MASTERCAM. The polishing tool-path and NC code can be created in MASTERCAM. The value of the cutter radius compensation can also be set in NC code, so that the rotated surfaces can be polished by a traditional NC lathe. Experiment of polishing the aluminum sphere workpiece is taken, and the satisfying surface quality is achieved.
Authors: Yuan Liu, Yong Zhang Wang, Hong Ya Fu, Zhen Yu Han
Abstract: The numerical control (NC) program files need re-generating if there is any tool dimension change or tool wear for multi-axis machining. If the tool is replaced to adapt this change there will be increased cost. To solute this problem, 3D cutter radius compensation method for 5-axis computer numerical control (CNC) machining is deeply researched. Taking five axes linkage machine tools of X, Y, Z, B, C form with rotary tables B and C as an example, coordinate transformation matrix (CTM) and the cutter compensation vector for 3D cutter radius compensation are derived. The discrimination methods for path joint pattern (PJP) are given. A controller with 3D cutter radius compensation function for 5-axis linkage CNC machine tools is developed based on this method. The controller is allocated to a 5-axis milling machine tool and experiments are done. The proposed algorithm is demonstrated using a practical example.
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