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Authors: Hai Tao Su, Hai Qing Guo, Jin Feng Hu, Hui Zeng
Abstract: The eco-efficiency and sustainable development have become the focus of world and the issues to be resolved urgently. In this paper, the recent research status of eco-economic region of Poyang Lake in China is analyzed, and the multi-level evaluation index system of eco-efficiency of Poyang Lake is constructed. The minimum input and maximum output method based on DEA(Data Envelopment Analysis) is proposed, the mathematical model of validity evaluation of eco-economic region of Poyang Lake is set up and programmed by MATLAB. Efficiency evaluation of a complex system with the cases from nine districts of Poyang Lake region in China is realized, which is more than one homogeneous decision-making unit of multi-input and multi-output. The MDEA (Modified DEA) method resolves the problems of ranking DEA efficient units of Poyang Lake, The DEAP2.1 software differentiates the technical efficiency and scale efficiency of eco-economic region of Poyang Lake, and adjusts the DEA inefficient units to become technical efficiency. The model can be used to analyze efficiency and diagnose different units at the same time or same unit at different time. It can be more accurate and convenient for the management process of eco-economic region of Poyang Lake and the similar eco-economic region.
Authors: Sze Hsien Low, Gih Keong Lau
Abstract: Thin metal films are not commonly used electrodes for dielectric elastomer actuators as it is a common presumption that they are too stiff to allow large actuated strains. However, using thin metal film electrodes can improve reliability due to their ability to self heal, as shown from their use in metalized plastic film capacitors. Typically, from literature, actuated area strains do not exceed 10% when using thin, un-patterned, metal films formed by sputtering. However, in this present work, large actuated area strains of up to 50% have been demonstrated. This was accomplished by using thin silver film electrodes formed by electroless deposition, and it has been noticed that micro-cracks were present in such electrodes. In this paper, micro-cracks in thin silver electrodes are studied and compared against sputtered silver electrodes. This includes the study of the manner in which they affect the magnitude of actuated strain and the repeatability of the actuator. It has been found that the cracks have helped to improve actuated strain, yet did not affect repeatability, as the cracks did not propagate in subsequent activations. Instead, the cracked electrodes had reached a sort of “steady-state”
Authors: You Min Gao, Xiao Wen Wang
Abstract: Construction industry is a main industry in national economy, Chinese construction industry has made huge achievement, but the developments between different provinces in China are imbalanced. To compare the different efficiencies between them, data envelopment analysis and an important extended means of DEA were introduced, compared and applied in empirical analysis of Chinese construction industry efficiency between different provinces based on statistical data. Then some conclusions and advices were reached in the end.
Authors: Guang Yu, Qi Huang, Xue Jun Zhao, Wen Sheng Wang
Abstract: The principle of green mining is conservation resources, protection environment, people oriented and safety production. According own characteristics of coal industry, this paper built the input and output indicators of green mining, chose eight different coal enterprises in China as decision making units. The date envelopment analysis (DEA) was applied to evaluate and optimize the operating efficiency of coal enterprises from technical efficiency, pure technology efficiency and scale efficiency. At the same time, with an inefficiency enterprise as example, projection analysis was used to give some suggestions to optimization.
Authors: Shi Hua Li, Shi De Zhao
Abstract: The relationship between power industry and the national economic development are being more and more closely associated. The power companies supported by the government policy and attention in the stock market has gotten the developing priority, and has also been becoming one of important blocks on the stock markets. Use DEA method, select the appropriate input and output indexes, analyze the relative efficiency of the power companies and give evaluation of the results. Not only power companies, the majority of the shareholders, but also political decision-makers could get references from DEA evaluation.
Authors: Shu Hua Liu, Yu Qing Liu
Abstract: The purpose of this research is to investigate the optimum distribution plan through input and output analysis, and to improve the efficiency of decision-making and relief operation in the emergency supply chain. The data were obtained via an official figures survey on demand information. And stimulated experiment is carried out based on these official figures. This study developed an improved DEA for optimization of medical textiles distribution in emergency supply chain to find out the best distribution plan with the highest relative efficiency. The improved DEA model introduces aggressive cross evaluation approach to improve the basic C2R model, which primarily determines the matrix of relative efficiency Eii. Aggressive cross evaluation aims to maximize self-performance of each, and to minimize performance of other as far as possible, and finally find out the optimum solution. Further, model is constructed to validate the DEA effective.
Authors: Chang Jian Qi, Ting Jie Lv
Abstract: By combining the Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) method, from the view of time and district, this paper carries out a dynamic evaluation of resource allocation efficiency of China’s telecommunication industry from 1973 to 2008. The results show that technical efficiency indicator and technological progress indicator are the major factors of resources allocation of China’s telecommunication industry. It analyzed and studied all previous reorganization and regulation effects to the telecom with the reference to the efficiency changes of the telecom industry. Based on the non-Archimedean infinite model C2R of the Data Envelopment Analysis, combined with characteristics of inputs and outputs of China’s telecommunication industry, the paper sets up an indicator system of inputs and outputs as well as an overall efficiency evaluation model China’s telecommunication industry.
Authors: Bin Wei, Wen Di Niu, Yu Luo
Abstract: Performance evaluation of public organizations is a problem we are facing at home and abroad. Objective and overall quantitative evaluation should be based on the interdisciplinary knowledge system basis, therefore, this article depends on public management theory, management science and engineering theory, statistics and so on, drawing Quantitative assessment experience from abroad, following the logic of evolution of quantitative assessment, based on combining theory with practice, empirical analysis and normative analysis, induction and education ,qualitative and quantitative analysis, to research the intrinsic logic of organization performance and explore the new system of quantitative evaluation . The paper first elaborates and explains quantitative analysis of organization performance, then, based on value orientation of public organizations and data envelopment analysis (DEA model), construct index system of government performance .On this basis, the paper mainly gives some more objective evaluation from the relationship between DEA effectiveness and government performance of some cities in Shandong province.
Authors: Hua Zhao, Yang Fei, Chao Li
Abstract: With the increasing development of information technology, the scope of the application of multimedia technology is more and more widely. The application of multimedia technology in teaching has become more and more mature, which has formed a complementary relationship with traditional education. But the application of modern multimedia technology in the physical teaching is relatively lag, which has become one of the urgent problems to be solved in this field. Based on the characteristics of the integration of inside and outside class teaching and multimedia technology, it constructs the multimedia system of the integration of inside and outside class teaching. According to the aerobics rhythm continuity characteristics, the spatial discretization code of the interlaced scanning image makes the integration of inside and outside class of aerobics teaching of mutual learning come true. And it applies the data envelopment analysis to make experiment exploratory empirical analysis on the whole teaching system, which can be able to provide scientific support for modern education and teaching with positive feedback nature of the teaching advantages.
Authors: Zhi Ying Ji
Abstract: In recent decades, China has been witnessing the steadily rising momentum of energy demand with the rapid improvement of industrialization and urbanization. The energy efficiency in regions of China is studied in this paper in the context of DEA analysis. We find that most of regions are just catching up in energy efficiency, and there is no evident innovative effect.
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