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Authors: Hong Jian Yu, Bing Li, Xiao Jun Yang, Ying Hu, Hong Hu
Abstract: In this paper, a novel parallel mechanism (3-RRRS/UPR) used in flexible fixture with configuration composed of two parallel robots (2-RR and 3-RRRS/ UPR) is presented. First, system modeling including the mobility study is conducted. Then a novel methodology is proposed that makes use of screw theory to analyze the deformation and stiffness of the mechanism: firstly we identified the existence of the deformation of the subchain, in terms of the relationship between the effective screw and deformation screw; then we took the deformation as an infinitesimal motion of the mechanism, and the stiffness matrix corresponding to the deformation can be deduced. Finally the global stiffness matrix of the whole mechanism is modeled by assembling different stiffness characters based on the presented methodology.
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