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Authors: Kamil Muratov, Vitaly Novikov, Roman Sokolov, Vladimir Probotyuk
Abstract: Magnetoelastic tests of 30KH13 (30X13) steel were carried out under cyclic loadings. The article focuses on the property of magnetoelastic power relaxation of remanent magnetization. With the load amplitude increasing, complexes of power approximation coefficients reflect typical mechanical loads at various tempering temperatures.
Authors: Ji Zhu Liu, Xiao Hui Yu, Shao Hua Wang, Ming Chong Sun
Abstract: When Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines (PMSM) working with rated load or overload, stator iron loss and copper loss, bearings friction loss, permanent magnet (PM) eddy-current all will cause PM temperature rise. In this condition, the PM is affected by the temperature and the stator of the reverse magnetic field generated prone to arouse demagnetization phenomenon, it will directly affect the performance of permanent magnet machines. Previous calculation method which used magnetic circuit method to analyze PM demagnetization characteristics cannot reflect the actual working condition of PM. Firstly, the calculation formula of PM thermal stability is deduced in this paper. Secondly, demagnetization characteristics are analyzed based on FEM, which can reflect the actual working condition of PM more accurately. This paper providing reference basis for optimum electromagnetic design, PM selection and optimum PM design.
Authors: Qing Hua Li, Wu Sheng Tang
Abstract: A new method was advanced that the cutter was magnetized using the low Frequency Pulse, and to elaborated the work principle, base on the method of improvement performance of cutter in internal and overseas. The new method was applied at the magnetization of cutter, the performance of magnetization cutter was compared with the un-magnetization using the mensuration test of coefficient of friction and the anti-impact impact test, the influence of cutter was analyzed after the magnetization.
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