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Authors: Xiao Chun Wang, Ke Jian Shi
Abstract: In this paper we proposed an "Inside & Outside" design method which is suitable for small and medium–sized enterprises to solve the problems that small and medium–sized enterprises usually meet with non-design and tough design. The meaning as well as the principles of this method was explained in detail, meanwhile the process to find out the production opportunities in a short time for small and medium–sized enterprises with the provided method was discussed. Finally, a case study on the improvement of a specific product was analyzed so as to be an illustrated-example.
Authors: Hua Wei Zhan, Cai Xia Guo, Yu Zhang, Yun Zhou
Abstract: Multimode feed network is an important part of shortwave multimode multifeed antenna system. The design of feed network is a pivotal technique in the process of projecting antenna system. The substructure analyzing method of interconnect-net is based on the substructure matrix database which is formed by converting the net parameters into data. And it characterizes the non-uniform net units through the database directly. Then cascades the known database of the net units by means of ordinary net cascade method, thus performing optimization in the net. In the paper, the Substructure Analyzing Method of Interconnect-net is applied to designing multi-mode multi-feed network, a typical example of multi-mode multi-feed network optimization is given to illustrate the efficiency of the method.
Authors: Jing Feng Li, Xi Zhang
Abstract: As an advanced design idea nowadays, to realize body’s healthy movement, healthy industrial design (be called HID for short) pursues user’s “health, happiness and joy”, Different types of limits will be treated dynamically for this goal during the whole design process. The adjustable limit will be treated by changing the subjective reason leading to it, while the un-adjustable limit will be treated by optimizing user’s behavior and producer’s structure, material, color etc.
Authors: Jia Li, Hua Cong Li, Jiang Feng Fu, Shu Hong Wang
Abstract: With the development of the aero engine control technique, aero fuel centrifugal pump with integrated inducer and impeller meet the requirements better than the divided pump. This paper established the hybrid network of the centrifugal pump which adopted multi-block topology structure and octree format, analyzed the internal flow field performance of the pump based on numerical simulation. The simulation datas compared with test datas show that under different calculation conditions, head error of the simulation data and experimental data is less than 1%, and the efficiency value of error is less than 5%. The simulation method can accurately calculate the performance of the pump. The simulation analysis shows that the asymmetry of the impeller internal pressure is appreciable under different flow conditions because of the inlet length, under other small flow conditions. The most dramatic change is the pressure in the impeller channel, and the pressure under large flow conditions is lower than that under other flow conditions. In fixed location of the pressure side, there may produce low speed flow group, the situation is the same as in the entrance to the attachment of back pressure side.
Authors: Shan Lin, Tao Lin, Zhan Wen Liu
Abstract: A bit full adder is a very important component in the digital system. Design of a full-adder circuit, as an example, by changing its output function expression in the form of expression, use the gates, decoder, multiplexer etc 74 series devices, the eight circuits realization form are given respectively, and briefly analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the various circuit implementation. The example show that the design of combinational logic circuits has mobility and variety, it could give the instructiveness and the guiding for other design of combinational logic circuits.
Authors: Lan Yao, Chao Jiang, Sui Huai Yu
Abstract: With the improvement of the social civilization, culture connotations of design problems have become increasingly prominent. And the cultural elements must integrate into design work to get development. Since cultural and creative product design is the re-exhibition of culture, traditional culture spirit connotation and cultural nutrition should be grasped and absorbed. Reverse engineering is a very important design method which is widely used in product design. Based on reverse engineering, a rapid and high quality creative design method over cultural and creative product design is proposed. The practical design application proves that the proposed method is feasible, of practical significance and application value.
Authors: Guanyi Liu, Ping Yi Liu, Wen Jun Wei, Shao Ying Zhang, Hai Tao Li
Abstract: The cam pumps are especially suitable for the transmission of the liquids with different impurities or pure solid materials. A new design method for the rotor profile curve of the cam pump was put forward to improve the wear-proof of the addendum of the rotors. A rotor with a simple profile curve was designed and then the profile curve of another rotor would be generated by a tool whose cutting profile curve was the same as the designed rotor profile curve. This method was stated and a mathematic model was built based on gear meshing theory by choosing an ellipse as the designed rotor profile curve. The influence of the design parameters on the generated rotor profile curve, the area utilization coefficient of the pump and the relative normal curvature of the two profile curves at the contact points were analyzed. The results demonstrated as: the designed profile curve can be some kind of simple continuous curve and the generated profile curve is continuous curve as well; the area utilization coefficient, C, increases by increasing the major semi-axis of the ellipse, a, or decreasing the minor semi-axis, b, if the designed profile surface is an elliptic one; the maximum of the area utilization coefficient, Cmax, will decrease when the blade number of the rotor 2, z2, increases because of the undercutting; the maximum of the area utilization coefficient is 0.48 when z2 is 2; the blade number of the rotor 2 is no more than 4.
Authors: Reimund Neugebauer, Verena Psyk, Christian Scheffler
Abstract: To make the advantages of electromagnetic forming applicable for industrial manufacturing, a three step tool design strategy is suggested. At first, simplified decoupled electromagnetic and structural mechanical simulations are used for creating a preliminary design via a systematic iterative optimization process. The selected design is verified in more accurate coupled simulations. A prototypic realization serves for further optimization, if necessary. The applicability of the approach is proved on the basis of an inductor system for magnetic pulse welding of tubes.
Authors: Jin Bo Sun, Sui Huai Yu, Hui Ning Pei
Abstract: In order to reduce the information chaos of product design, we present the main motions of Design-Element based product design that we call it DE-PD. Different from traditional product design process composed of function, style, or customer requirements, DE-PD is driven by the knowledge and information flows in product design iteration. In DE-PD, the product is composed of Design-Elements (DE) which is the integration of related knowledge and information. After discussing the definition and information construct of DE, we present the iteration of DE based product design. To evaluate the method, a design case of beach motorcycle with limit mount of DEs is conceived. Evaluation results show that DE-PD is a promising approach for product design informatization.
Authors: Yi Zhou, Jian Zuo Ma, Dong Zuo
Abstract: This paper presents a self-adaptive fan clutch for automotive application using MR fluid and SMA. Based on Bingham model, the equation of transmission torque developed by the MR fluid for fan clutch is derived. A SMA spring actuator is designed to control the angular velocity of the fan clutch. The characteristic of output angular velocity is studied in detail. The results indicate that, the change of temperatures has a tremendous influence on the output angular velocity characteristic of the fan clutch, and output angular velocity of the fan clutch can meets the demand of engine cooling fan satisfactorily.
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