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Authors: Guang Wen Cui, Ming Yang Sun, Yan Jun Li, Qi Kai Guo
Abstract: The paper mainly introduces the desulfurization technology before coal combustion and gives a brief analysis of principles , advantages and disadvantages of the three current coal desulfurization technologies: physical desulfurization, chemical desulfurization and biological desulfurization . Finally, this paper puts forward some views on the development trend of coal desulfurization technology.
Authors: Zhan Peng Chen, Zhuo Wang, Li Min Jia, Guo Qiang Cai
Abstract: Train operation safety is the most important and the most basic requirement. Locomotive traction motor is the train operation of traction power equipment, whose reliability relates directly to the train operation safety. And locomotive traction motor fault diagnosis is to ensure the reliability of the traction motor scooter important technique means. Through the locomotive pulling motor failure diagnosis method's research, the traction motor typical fault type has been summarized, the main intelligent diagnosis method principle has been narrated, the main principles of the intelligent diagnosis, diagnostic procedures, and their advantages and disadvantages are described in detail, the existing problems in the field and future trends are pointed out finally.
Authors: Bo Wang, Ji Cheng, Xiao Han Zhang
Abstract: New construction materials are the new generations of construction materials which are on the basis of the traditional construction materials, including the new wall materials, thermal insulation materials, water sealing materials, decoration materials and etc. New construction materials industry is developed with the deeply reforming and opening of China. This paper introduces the basic concepts and characters of the new construction materials, analyzes the development and application of the new construction materials, and then discusses countermeasures and suggestions of the development of the new construction materials.
Authors: Yi Guo Ji, Xing Guo Ge, Zhi Huan Lan, Chun Yan Tian, Cui Chen
Abstract: Fire control system has been existed for over 60 years and plays more and more important roles in the war today. The process of development of the avionics system in general and its modification are described. The technique performance and properties of several fire control system seekers are analyzed, and development trend are discussed.
Authors: Liu Ning
Abstract: The popularity and improvement of resident’s electronic health records plays a vital role in the improvement of human’s overall health. The basic situation of the construction of residents electronic health records and the implementation of the project progress in a few representative countries all over the world in recent years were been summarized and analyzed in this paper after thorough investigation and research. Some problems existing in the construction and Application process of residents electronic health records were been pointed out, and the development focus of residents electronic health records project in next few years were been pointed out to be the popularize and strengthen of the application of data mining.
Authors: Xing Guo Ge, Zhong Xiang Tao, Chun Yan Tian
Abstract: Avionics system has been existed for over 80 years and plays more and more important roles in the war today. The process of development of the avionics system in general and its modification are described. The technique performance and properties of several avionics system seekers are analyzed, and development trend of avionics system are discussed.
Authors: Tao Ma, Hong Zhao
Abstract: Growth-curve models are generalized multivariate analysis-of-variance models. This kind of method was widely used in the prediction of industry development cycle. The textile industry occupies an important position in the national economy of China. The paper analyzed the development trend of Chinese textile industry based on growth curve model and found out that Chinese textile industry is in the formative stage and is about to begin entered into matured period. The next five years the average annual growth rate of Chinese textile industry can reach more than 9 percent, and the textile industry output will reach 6 trillions in 2015.
Authors: Yan Ze Li, Zhi Hua Ding
Abstract: Vehicle engineering materials are used in manufacturing of vehicle. Its status quo and development trend are analyzed. Proportion of steel in structure material will reduce stage by stage. With reliable performance, steel will be replaced by light and new-style materials such as aluminous alloy, compound materials. Plentiful developing rapidly new materials, such as macromolecule materials, compound materials, offer necessary condition to develop vehicle.
Authors: Xiao Fan
Abstract: On the basis of the thought and target of adaptation on the socialist market economy reform and development, this paper discusses the problems about how to develop out domestic accounting computerization with the purpose of complying with the development trend of nowadays network times. ERP system reflects the advanced financial accounting, management accounting and cost management thought. It can meet the diversified information demands of the information users. The financial system in ERP is integrated, management and decision oriented. It realizes the transformation from the reflection on the financial information after the event to the real-time support on the financial management and decision making, and from the closed single financial management to the integrated comprehensive enterprise management. Therefore, ERP system will be the inexorable trend of our domestic accounting computerization development.
Authors: Shan Ze Wu, Hong Jun Li
Abstract: China is a country with a large production of industrial electric detonator, whose annual production capacity has reached 3.7 billion, but its level of production technology is still low especially in industrial electric detonator assembly production and most of processes are by manual operation, leading to its low techniques and poor production conditions. Through in-depth analysis of the current status of the production process of electric detonators£¬this article summed up the bottleneck problem of industrial electric detonator assembly automation, compared the degree of automation of industrial electric detonator production at home and abroad, finally this paper discusses the development trend of industrial electric detonator production.
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