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Authors: Liang Chia Chen, Wei Chieh Kao, Yao Ting Huang
Abstract: A new full-field 3-D micro surface profilometer using digital micromirror device (DMD)-based fringe projection strategy and confocal principle is presented in the article. In viewing the fact that conventional laser confocal measurement method not only easily encounters undesired irregular scattering problems, but also lack scanning efficiency due to its single-point type measurement, the newly developed automatic surface profilometer deploys a DMD chip to project spatially encoded digital fringe patterns with dynamic light intensity, onto the object to obtain excellent measurement performance. A novel digital fringe pattern design with adaptive sinusoidal intensity modulation was developed for active fringe projection, to obtain optimized depth resolution with a micrometer lateral resolution in confocal measurement. Some of semiconductor components have been measured to attest the feasibility of the developed approach. The depth measurement resolution can reach better than 0.1μm and the maximal measured error was verified to be less than less than 0.5 % of the measured step size.
Authors: Liang Chia Chen, Yi Wei Chang
Abstract: A high-accuracy full field 3-D surface profilometer using digital structured fringe projection is presented in the article. In the proposed method, a depth-focus response curve can be established by performing a confocal scanning along the optical axis of the measurement system when a digital fringe is controlled and projected by a digital micromirror device (DMD). To avoid specular light diffusive problems, the developed method projects spatially encoded digital fringe patterns with modulated light intensity onto a shinny lens surface, in order to achieve full field and high accuracy measurement. Some of spherical microlenses have been measured to attest the feasibility of the developed approach. The depth measurement resolution can reach up to 0.1μm and the averaged measurement error was verified to be a submicro scale.
Authors: A.L. Tian, B. Li, M.T. Huang, Zhuang De Jiang
Abstract: A three-dimensional profile measurement system based on a projection coded grating technique is presented. The system uses a designing and decoding technique for grey coded gratings. The coded grating has black, white and grey stripes. The period triples a conventional grating. It greatly increases the height measuring range without any decrease in stripe separation. The shape of object can be obtained from only one grating image. The system is suitable for instantaneous measurement of moving objects including human face. The technique proposed permits rapid 3D measurement and no moving parts are involved in the system. The hardware is relatively simple. Special data processing software is developed. Results of a practical example confirm the effectiveness of the proposed method.
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