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Authors: Zhong Xun Wang, Xing Cheng Wang, Fang Qiang Zhu
Abstract: We researched BP decoding algorithm based on variable-to-check information residual for LDPC code (VC-RBP) in this paper. It is a dynamic scheduling belief propagation using residuals, and has some advantages,such as fast decoding, good performance, and low complexity. It is similar to residual belief propagation (RBP),but has some difference in computing the residual message. This paper further optimized the new algorithm on DSP of TMS320dm6446, and it is good for hardware implementation.
Authors: Ben Cheng Yu, Zhi Hao Yin, Yong Yang, Zhi Feng Wang
Abstract: Linear frequency modulated signal and the two-phase encoded signals are widely used in pulse compression radar system derived, based on the analysis of the two signals, a linear frequency modulated with chaotic two-phase coding complex modulated signals. Versatility advantages of simple structure, radar signal processing using DSP signal processing devices. TI's TMS320C6713 DSP as the core basis works to achieve a common structure, the composite modulation signal frequency domain digital pulse compression processing, given the realization of the system block diagram and pulse pressure results. The results showed that the composite modulation signal is easy to produce and handle, and works to achieve feasible.
Authors: Shuang Cheng Wei, Jia Hao Deng, Yan Hua Pan
Abstract: Magnetic detection and localization is becoming a hot point in the past twenty years. Amorphous wire is a promising material to produce high performance magnetic sensor for GMI effect. A high sensitivity micro magnetic sensor is designed and a processing circuit is presented in this paper. Based on the processor TMS320F28335, the magnetic signal of ferromagnetic target can be sampled and processed.
Authors: Yan Nian Wang, Xia Gao, Hong Chen
Abstract: The composition and working principle of electric hydraulic servo control system are briefly described. A program is designed about digital servo controller based on DSP structure, and the servo system is achieved to control position by using TMS320LF2407A’s powerful digital processing capabilities, rich peripheral interfaces and optimal control algorithm of deviation, meanwhile it also has complete self-testing, setting parameters online and other functions. It is shown that the digital servo controller runs reliably, achieves real-time and precise control effect, and can meet the TRT and other systems’ control requirements with the experimental results.
Authors: Xiu Ying Tang, Yi Zhe Chen, Yan Kun Peng, Xiu Wang, Yang Xu, Wei Long Yang, Wei Wang
Abstract: A real-time control system with TMS320F2812 DSP microprocessor as a control core for precision variable rate fertilization was designed, which were composed of the power system, DSP microprocessor controller, executive mechanism for variable rate fertilization, data storage module, speed test module and human-computer interaction module. A human-computer interaction interface system based on data storage and graphics was developed and the main control program was programmed. When the control system is working, the fertilizer rate is firstly entered by human-computer interaction interface, nextly the fertilizer rate and speed information are read into the DSP controller, and then the speed information is transmitted to monitor, finally the output pulses needed by motors are calculated, so the fertilizer rate can be controlled accurately. An experiment was conducted in the laboratory environment. The results showed that the error of fertilization rate of each fertilizer element was nitrogen (N: 0.05%), phosphorus (P:0.73%) and potassium (K:1.16%) respectly, and the consistency variability coefficient of fertilization rate of each fertilizer was nitrogen (N: 0.31%), phosphorus (P: 0.32%) and potassium (K: 0.15%) respectly. The control system for precision variable rate fertilization has high precision, good reliability and stability.
Authors: Ming Ma, Run Jie Shen, Bing Fang, Ming Wei Sun, Wen He
Abstract: In this paper, based on the analysis of white noise generation, equably distributed pseudo-random numbers are generated by a method of mixed congruency. In the case that the pseudo-random numbers are taken as the phase spectrum and the amplitude spectrum is equally set, the waveform array of frequency-domain is made up. The array is transformed from frequency-domain to time-domain by the IFFT before stored into the external data memory. Based on the wave generating technology of DDS, the timer interruption of DSP2812 is installed to change the frequency for generating wave .Then the number is taken out from the external memory. The limited white noise is formed by the way of D/A and zero-section maintenance .This generator can be used as signal source in the noise simulation experiment.
Authors: Rong Sen Yin, Jia Qiang Yang
Abstract: In order to eliminate the measurement error caused by working voltage fluctuation of weighing sensor, a dynamic voltage compensation method for improving the weighing accuracy was proposed in the paper. The method takes strain gauge type pressure sensor as the weighing sensor and corrects Wheatstone bridge circuit. By synchronously detecting output voltage signal and working voltage of the weighing sensor, the method dynamically compensates the working voltage fluctuation of the weighing sensor, corrects the measurement error caused by the voltage fluctuation of external source and calculates the weight in real time. A weighing system based on the digital signal processor (DSP) was designed. Results of simulation experiment verify the feasibility of the proposed method.
Authors: Hai Xiang Wang, Wei Peng Zhou, A Fang Hang
Abstract: The harm of high three-phase unbalance factor and low power factor is introduced. The design of hardware and software process is given. The design of AD circuit , adjust circuit , frequency detection circuit and thyristor switch circuit is illustrated.
Authors: Hao Peng, Ze Lun Li
Abstract: Requirements for the device of measuring rotational speed is high-accuracy, stabilization, credibility, and shorter measuring time during the dynamic-balancing process. This paper studies a way of measuring rotator reference signal based on DSP(digital signal processing). The way of picking-up rotator reference signal, measuring rotator speed are introduced. This new way of measuring rotational speed in high-speed rotor dynamic-balancing measuring system based on DSP is accurate, simple and convenient.
Authors: Jie Gao, Liang Wang, Jing Min Ma
Abstract: This paper presented a multi-channel audio signal processing platform based on TMS320VC5509A. It introduced the system basic circuit and the hardware interface design of TLV320AIC23B and TMS320VC5509A. The platform can achieve input four-channel signal and output four-channel simultaneously. Due to its low power consumption, high performance and portable feature, the platform has been used in the system of noise reduction headphone.
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