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Authors: Xin Mao, Yang Liu, Song Feng Lu, You Li
Abstract: Data privacy and integrity will be the crucial and significant factors in recent times for network applications. To deal with these security problems related to symmetric and asymmetric key types have been framed. In this paper, we suggest a new secure communications solution for a secure channel that combines the digital envelopes and digital signatures and implements with symmetric key algorithm of AES and the asymmetric key algorithm of ECC. The experiment result shows it’s a more perfect choice.
Authors: Ze Ming Ren, Ling Yun Xu, Qian Liu, An Dong Fan
Abstract: In order to reduce the amount of data exchange in E-mail transmission process, a non-repudiation E-mail transmission protocol was proposed based on the digital signature technology. By using the formal analysis based on the extended strand space method, strict authentication and analysis were conducted for the security of data transmission and the identity of both the transmitter and receiver. Furthermore, the safety and effectiveness of this protocol were verified.
Authors: Hui Shao, Fan Zhang, Xiao Zhuan Yuan, Chuan Da Qi
Abstract: At present, all the applied schemes of the digital signature schemes based on the research of the factoring problem, discrete logarithm problem, and discrete logarithm problem on the elliptic curve cant meet the demand of actual application. This paper introduces the knowledge to the digital signature and studies the signature scheme based on the quaternion ring. The scheme introduces the multivariate functions of high degree to non-commutative quaternion ring, and its safety based on the computational difficulty to solve the the multivariate equations of high degree. The article applies this thought to proxy signature and designs a proxy signature scheme. Finally, it gives the safety analysis of the new scheme.
Authors: Puchong Subpratatsavee, Chanchira Chintho, Suchai Tanaiadehawoot
Abstract: In present, manufacturing organizations in some countries will have to submitinformation to both internal and external to the organization, called circular mail to report newswithin the organization or external relations. Administrative officer is responsibility about to senda circular mail for each organization and will be responsible for receiving letters in paper form orpublication or media message. Then the administrative officer will be read and extracted the letterand send a message in the form of emails to receivers as indicated on the letter. In mailings sendsuch potential attacks from disgruntled individuals; such as a change of email messages duringtransmission or identity thieves use a fake email address to send officials to the other party. If anattack occurs, the organization will make a loss. In terms of stability credibility and security in theuse of corporate email. This paper presents a model and how to send an email or letter online ina format that is more stable and secure by the applied technology of public key cryptography andhash function to encrypt the message to provide stability and security in the mail's circulars online.
Authors: Ai Wan Fan, Shu Xi Lu
Abstract: In elliptic curve cryptography, reverse-mode operation is the impact on the efficiency of digital signature one of the most important factor. Analysis of the limited domain of elliptic curve digital signature process, to prove the correctness of the algorithm, a non-mode based on the inverse operation of the elliptic curve digital signature algorithm, the algorithm does not reduce the security on the basis of improved algorithms Efficiency.
Authors: Xue Dong Dong, Hui Min Lu
Abstract: Certificateless-based signature can eliminate the need of certificates in the Public Key Infrastructure and solve the inherent key escrow problem in the identity-based cryptography. In 2012 Zhang et al. [J. Zhang and J. Mao, An efficient RSA-based certificateless signature scheme, Journal of Systems and Software, vol. 85, pp. 638-642, 2012] proposed the first certificateless signature scheme based on RSA operations and showed that their scheme is provably secure in the random oracle model. However, He et al. [D. He, M.Khan, and S. Wu, On the security of a RSA-based certificateless signature scheme, International Journal of Network Security, vol.16, no.1, pp.78-80, 2014] recently showed that Zhang et al.'s scheme is insecure against a type I adversary who can replace users' public keys. In this paper, we propose an improved version based on RSA which not only keeps the original security properties of the signature, but also is secure against a type I adversary.
Authors: Erfaneh Noroozi, Salwani Bt Mohd Daud, Ali Sabouhi
Abstract: The objective of Steganography is to hide the information inside other data in order to avoid being spotted by the strangers. Steganography is an old-fashioned art that has been reborn in current years. This current paper provides a literature review on the security of Steganography organization and emphasizes on its measurements. The proposed algorithm introduces a novel hashing and encoding algorithm to generate a digital signature. Later, it has been embedded into the original data which doesnt require extra bandwidth for communication by signature.
Authors: Xin Cui, Li Jiang
Abstract: The crux of safety communication of computer network lies in the accuracy of data transmission and the security of confidential data. Information security is the premise and foundation of all communication based on computer network. Business online becomes much more risky. Security technologies, such as authentication, encryption, must be implemented to ensure the security of the transactions. Digital signature technology plays an irreplaceable role in the fields of identification and authentication, data integrity, anti-repudiation and so on, which has a very wide range of application in e-commerce and e-government. The radical methods and traits of digital signature are introduced. The approach of digital signature based on Java is presented, and its rationality, effectively and feasibility are reasoned, the test results achieved the expected goals and ensured the confidentiality, integrity, and non-repudiation of the information. This solution can be widely used in digital campus, enterprise nets, etc, and has a good application prospect.
Authors: Yan Na Wei, Y.T. Jin, J.W. Zhou
Abstract: Digital signature plays a more and more important role in e-commerce. The basic methods of digital signature are introduced and a digital signature scheme based on digital certificate is proposed in this paper. Digital certificate is generated after personal information is written. The effective data, RSA parameters and signature results are included in digital certificate. The related RSA parameters of private key certificate are encrypted by private key password. The digital digest is gotten through hash algorithm in this scheme. Digital signature is operated by using RSA parameters in private key certificate and the signature is verified by RSA parameters in public key certificate by verifier.
Authors: Wei Jiang Geng
Abstract: This paper analyzes the functional design and structure design of the database security model networks, research and further realizes the key features of the model. The system is suitable for network security database management system, which has a certain universality and portability.
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