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Authors: G. Pasold, F. Albrecht, Joachim Grillenberger, Ulrike Grossner, C. Hülsen, R. Sielemann, W. Witthuhn
Authors: Fredrik Allerstam, Einar Ö. Sveinbjörnsson
Abstract: This study is focused on characterization of deep energy-level interface traps formed during sodium enhanced oxidation of n-type Si face 4H-SiC. The traps are located 0.9 eV below the SiC conduction band edge as revealed by deep level transient spectroscopy. Furthermore these traps are passivated using post-metallization anneal at 400°C in forming gas ambient.
Authors: Andrei A. Istratov, T. Heiser, H. Hieslmair, C. Flink, Joachim Krüger, Eicke R. Weber
Authors: Eugene B. Yakimov, Olga V. Feklisova, Maurizio Acciarri, Anna Cavallini, Sergio Pizzini
Authors: Aurangzeb Khan, Umar S. Qurashi, N. Zafar, M. Zafar Iqbal, Armin Dadgar, D. Bimberg
Authors: K. Kobayashi, H. Ohyama, K. Hayama, Y. Takami, Eddy Simoen, A. Poyai, Cor Claeys, A. Mohammadzadeh, S. Kohiki
Authors: M. Kaniewska, J. Kaniewski, Anthony R. Peaker
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