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Authors: Long Sheng Bao, Xiao Fang Zhang, Ling Yu, Guang Shan Zhu
Abstract: Due to the heavy traffic and channelization, vehicle often brake and park for a long time at the urban road signal intersection, especially at heavy traffic intersection, for which it is easy to present permanent deformation on asphalt pavement. It can significantly improve the technical characteristics of the road intersection with adding Dolanit fiber into asphalt concrete. Based on BISAR3.0 software of applying layered elastic system theory and combined with the surface layer analysis on indoor mechanical property test to Dolanit fiber rein-forced asphalt concrete pavement, the results show that the allowable tensile stress is 0.61MPa. Even if at the condition of overload 50% and emergency braking, there is no shear failure on the Dolanit fiber rein-forced asphalt concrete pavement.
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