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Authors: Xiao Long Liu, Yun Tao Liu, Song Bai Han, Dong Feng Chen, Mei Juan Li, Yu Qing Li, Jian Bo Gao, Lin Feng Yang
Abstract: The monochromator for the new residual stress diffractometer at China Advanced Research Reactor (CARR) was simulated and optimized using SIMRES software. Objected the Fe (211) diffraction peak, the effect of horizontal and vertical curvature of Si (400) monochromator on Figure of Merit was studied to optimize the focusing parameters. With the optimal focusing condition, the influence of wafer thickness, number of wafers, packet height and gap of packets on performance of instrument was calculated consequently and the corresponding geometrical size was fixed. Finally, the design of the monochromator for the new residual stress diffractometer at CARR was completed.
Authors: Thilo Pirling, Giovanni Bruno, Philip J. Withers
Abstract: SALSA (Strain Analyser for Large Scale engineering Applications) is a novel instrument for strain imaging at the high flux neutron reactor of the Institut Max von Laue – Paul Langevin (ILL) in Grenoble, France. It is the first of its kind that uses a precise robotic sample stage for sample manipulation. In addition to standard xyz-translation it provides tilts up to ±30° about any horizontal axis. Its load capacity is more than 500 kg and samples up to 1.5 m in length can be scanned with high accuracy. Thanks to a double focusing monochromator and supermirror guide count times are very short. A broad wavelength range, variable beam optics, including radial focusing collimators for high lateral resolution, make it a very flexible instrument for a large variety of strain imaging applications in small and large specimens. The instrument has been commissioned in 2005 and is open for access by a peer review proposal system and as well by industry. The paper describes the important aspects of the instrument and results from the first experiments.
Authors: Jun Hong Li, Yun Tao Liu, Jian Bo Gao, Rui Hu, Rong Deng Liu, Shuo Sun, Ji Zhou Li, Dong Feng Chen
Abstract: China Advanced Research Reactor (CARR) is a 60 MW tank-in-pool inverse neutron trap type reactor at CIAE. In order to use the non-destructive analytical techniques for phase specific residual stresses research, the new materials science diffractometer RSD was designed at CARR, which is one of the first commissioned instruments to meet the demand of industrial applications. The system comprises two types of monochromator, mosaic flat copper (220) and perfect double focusing silicon (311). The take-off angle of monochromator could change continuously from 41 to 109 degree. Therefore the neutron wavelength varies from 0.895 and 2.666 angstrom. The detector is a one dimension position sensitive detector. Various affiliated equipments enable it to do texture and tensional experiments. The best resolution could reach 0.2% using double focusing Si (311) monochromator. When RSD is available for routine operation, some research work in the field of nuclear industrial and aviatic engineering materials will be carried out using the beam of CARR.
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