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Authors: Xiang Yin Liu, Da Wei Liu, Xiao Dong Cheng, Min Jie Si
Abstract: In view of the heavy dump truck occurred cargo body floor cracking problems in the process of using, this paper established cargo body finite element analysis (FEA) model with the shell elements as basic element, and calculated the strength of the cargo body floor by using the Hyperworks (a FEA software). The results of finite element analysis indicate that the crack took place because the stress of the connection of floor and support beam of front plate and the connection of floor and backing plate of turnover bearing was close to or exceed the material yield strength. On the basis of the calculation, we worked out the causes of the abnormal floor crack, which accord with the actual crack case. According to the requirement of practical process, the structure of floor was improved, thus the maximum stress value decreased 30% and 80.9% at two positions respectively, compared with the original structure, this shows that the improved method is effective.
Authors: Jun Feng Zhang, Lin Deng
Abstract: This paper, taking a mine dump truck as the research object, analyzes CAE by the principle of the finite element’s inertia and finds out the initial problem of the design, thus optimizing the frame structure reasonably. Thereby it can reduce the cost of the production’s design and shorten development cycle of new models.
Authors: Chun Hui Yang, Wei Dong Luo, Wen Ming Zhang, Jue Yang
Abstract: According to design ideas of the frame of the 170 tons dump truck, and allaying effects on the frame carling from the lift oil cylinder support (LOCS), the lift oil cylinder support of float support structure (LOCSFSS) is designed by optimization technology. Then, hydraulic pressure lifting system is emulated by one-dimensional emulation, and the load curve is gotten during lifting. Based on the load curve, LOCSFSS and the frame carling are all analyzed by explicit dynamics. Afterward, contrasts and analysis are done among float support structure and the other two traditional structures of jointing on bottom steel board structure (JBSBS) and carling structure (CS). Results of that indicate LOCSFSS is obviously better than the other two structures.
Authors: Rong Chao Jiang, Da Wei Liu, Zhong Chang Wang, Wei Fan
Abstract: In order to study the dynamic characteristics of dump truck with a T-type lifting mechanism, a detailed multi-body dynamic model of a dump truck was established by using SIMPACK software. With this model, which includes front suspension, balanced rear suspension, carriage, lifting mechanism, tyre model and so on, the kinematics and dynamics of the dump truck were studied by simulation. The variation of angular velocity, angular acceleration and applied force of carriage, tension rod and cylinder with lifting angle were obtained. This study will provide scientific reference for the structural design and strength analysis of lifting mechanism.
Authors: Bin Tian, Da Wei Liu, Long Long Zhu
Abstract: In order to study the impact resistance capability of dump truck bodies floor, a simulation model of dump truck bodies floor and impact hammerheads made of metal materials were designed, and a strain test system of bodies floor under impact loading was established, a measurement of the stress of bodies floor model was made to obtain the law of stress variation about key point of truck bodies floor model. The research laid the foundation for the analysis of impact resistance capability of dump truck bodies floor using finite element method as well as provided a reference for the structural optimization of truck bodies floor.
Authors: Xu Kun Ge, Da Wei Liu, Long Long Zhu
Abstract: In order to calculate fatigue life of dump truck lifting mechanism’s structure components, a virtual prototyping model of lifting mechanism was built with Multi-body Dynamic Simulation Software ADAMS. The variation of applied force of lifting mechanism rod with lifting angle was obtained from dynamic analysis of lifting mechanism. A finite element (FEM) model of the rod was established using FEM Software MSC.PATRAN/NASTRAN, and its structural strength was analyzed. On this basis, S-N curve of the rod and linear cumulative damage law was combined to calculate the rod’s fatigue life with Fatigue Analysis Software MSC.Fatigue using nominal stress method. This study provided a reference for the design and improvement of the lifting mechanism.
Authors: Yong Zhen Zhu, Kuo Yang, Qi Yang, Yun De Zhao
Abstract: The CAD software was used to establish 3D model of frame of dump truck, and the finite element model was established through Hyper Mesh. The stress distributions of the frame in vertical accelerating, turning, twisting and climbing conditions were computed through finite element software when the dump truck was loaded 80t. The result is consistent with the actual situation of the frame, which proved that the approach of finite element analysis is feasible. And we proposed the improved method of the frame according to finite element results.
Authors: Ming Kuen Chang, Yu Fong Li, Hong Wen Huang
Abstract: This research expects to investigate yet at domestic-dump truck driver, carry on the preliminary vibration determination. This research studies ten dump trucks in Yunlin County and precede questionnaire at the sandstone field. The ISO 2631-1:1997 and Article 301 in Taiwan’s regulation “Rules of Equipment and Measures for Protecting Labors’ Safety and Health” are used to evaluate tolerable exposure time per day for drivers. And in accordance with ISO 2631-5:2004 to assessment healthy risk for dump truck driver. In accordance with Article 301 of Labor Safety and Health regulation in Taiwan’s to estimate tolerable exposure time. A half tolerable exposure time present lower than 8 hours. In accordance with ISO 2631-1:1997 to estimate tolerable exposure time, no matter use equation B.1 or B.2 to calculate tri-axis compose acceleration. All tolerable exposure time present lower than 8 hours. If basis of ISO 2631-5:2004 to evaluation healthy risk for driver.
Authors: Yu Bao Zhang, Chang Shun Luan, En Hui Zhang
Abstract: The dump truck in coal mine, mountain and other bad conditions of overload transportation, the turning shaft often breaks, through material analysis of dump truck turning shaft and method of theoretical calculation and finite element analysis, making force analysis to the stress concentrated area, find the reasons for turning shaft fracture.
Authors: Xuan Zhao, Wen Ming Zhang, Jue Yang
Abstract: For evaluating the safety of the 220t dump truck cab, the roll-over protective structure/falling object protective structure with welding frame made up square steel tube is tested. The finite element model of the frame is developed. The static loading and impact loading simulations are launched by ABAQUS with ISO standard methods. The results show that all parameters accord the requirement. The welding frame cab can survive and protect the operator in roll-over or falling situation. It is a feasible, economical and flexible scheme for heavy-duty dump truck.
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