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Authors: Yong Chun Cheng, Kun He
Abstract: According to the actual situation of large range road disasters in seasonal frozen area, the road safety can reflect by the slope stability, the subgrade stability, the bridge safety and the ice(snow) on the road.The objective of this paper is to present a new monitoring and early-warning system, which can be used on the large range road in seasonal frozen area. The system consists of four parts, which are slope monitoring system, subgrade monitoring system, bridge monitoring system and ice(snow) monitoring system. In this system, the small world theory is used to build an IPv6 p2p network structure and semi-structured data is used to store any type of early-warning data. In addition, a bridge in western Changchun City in Jilin Province was selected as the case study example. Monitoring and early-warning results show that the system is stable and efficient , also can improve the scalability and reduce the dependence on central server in IPv6 network.
Authors: Wang Sheng Liu, Ming Zhao
Abstract: Today there is an urgent need for effective monitoring whether for old buildings or new ones. While conventional early warning system for real-time monitoring is based on safety factor, this paper proposes a new reliability-based framework to monitor the safety of RC buildings probabilistically. The framework includes modeling resistance, predicting probability distribution of load effect, calculating reliability and setting reliability index threshold. The in-situ test data enables to update the resistance model through a Bayesian process. Meanwhile, the observed monitoring data predicts the probability distribution of load effect. FORM is used to calculate the reliability because the limit state function for real-time monitoring is linear and simple. This study shows that the reliability-based early warning system is of more scientific sense in quantifying the safety and may be applied to many engineering fields.
Authors: Si Cheng, Yun Sheng Wang, Ming Liang
Abstract: Geohazards occur in south west mountain area of China each year frequently. Therefore, selecting a typical region to establish a geohazard early warning system and to research the mechanisms of geohazard can greatly improve the ability of geohazard prevention in that mountain area, and then a geohazard early warning system is established at Huaying Mountain region. This article not only presents the construction of that system, but also elaborately analyses mechanism of some geohazards in that mountain region.
Authors: Jing Jing Xia, Huan Qi, Zi Qi Wang
Abstract: The power load forecasting is the core component of the early warning system for fuel storage margin in power system and an important guarantee to the early warning function to achieve. In this paper, one province's 2008 load data is chosen to forecast the electricity consumption in 2009. Firstly the two forecasting models of polynomial trend extrapolation and ARIMA are established, and then the combined model of them is used to forecast, that is, the final result is equal to the sum of the trend value by polynomial extrapolation and the non-trend D-value’s forecasting result by ARIMA. The results indicate that the combination forecasting make the forecast accuracy significantly improved and ensure the effective operation of the early warning system.
Authors: Yin Wang
Abstract: Design using MSP430 microcontroller core, control GSM wireless communication module implements remote car alarm warning systems, from system components, as well as hardware and software design works done in detail, the system triggers an alarm through the sensor module, enter through the microcontroller to TC35i AT command so that it can promptly send a short message to alert the owner, breaking the traditional alarm distance limitations, with good market prospects.
Authors: Li Juan Zhou, Kang Li, Xiao Xu He
Abstract: As Chinese socialist market economy gradually has been improved, there is a lag in the agricultural production.It is a very possible research for the agricultural sector to make agricultural production policies to develop appropriate based on the government control means, consumer behavior, agricultural supply and demand balance, the outside weather conditions and other factors. In this paper, we proposed agricultural early warning system structure and function modules. It is based on the external conditions for agricultural production, agricultural consumer groups, consumer habits, especially focusing on the production and analysis module, analysis module prices and consumer modules.
Authors: Yong Gang Nie, Pei Jing
Abstract: With the rapid economic development, and the competition between enterprises increasingly fierce, the rising costs make many businesses difficult, there have been companies into a small profit or even the edge of bankruptcy. Cost risk is inevitable in the course of business for every enterprise. Establishing the cost management early warning system can prevent the risk of cost control effectively, and help enterprises to improve the level of integrated management.
Authors: Ye Fei Liu, Huan Qi, Su Qin Sun
Abstract: China's needs of energy increased dramatically in these years. In China, Electrical energy are mainly generated by thermal power plants that use coal as fuel, thus electricity supply are linked to the power fuel (coals) storage of power plants. Henan has been changed form an energy exporter province to an energy importer province. Therefore, the fuel storage and supply of power plants are keys to the security of the province's social development, economics and energy supply. Research the margin of power fuel storage and supply can help the policy makers to learn the security conditions and trends of electricity production microscopically, reducing the risks in the power production process, and improving the efficiency of production and the efficiency of energy. Environmental and economic issues brought by the excessive storage can be reduced. This article describes the ideas and development of early warning system for power fuel storage and supply margin of Henan province.
Authors: Si Cheng, Bai Quang Qu, Yun Sheng Wang
Abstract: The process of constructing index factors in regional geohazard forecasting is based on profound research and a comprehension of geohazard mechanisms. Taking a geohazard early warning system in Huaying Mountain, China, as an example, principles and key points on establishing those factors are elaborately analyzed and how to quantify them in a system is represented explicitly.
Authors: Tie Lan Teng, Qi Ming Li, Jing Feng Yuan
Abstract: The Early Warning System (EWS) was developed in this research aiming to forecast and monitor the Residual Value Risk (RVR) in PPP projects. RVR is a structured risk system which would happen at any time in the whole life before transfer of PPP projects, but consequently causes the Residual Value (RV) that the Government takes over cannot fulfill the specifications. To establish the EWS of RVR, the factor system was identified through questionnaire survey and evaluated based on statistical analysis. Besides the RVR could be learned by CBR, so a great amount of history PPP projects which have been already transferred should be structured into a case base. Furthermore, the conception of System vulnerability was applied to open up the link between the RVR and the RV, and the proper method was selected to determine the early-warning threshold. The main function of the EWS is monitoring the RVR of current PPP projects and warning the potential RV threat or opportunity.
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