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Authors: Guang Biao Shao
Abstract: Earthquake shakes the soil and induces modulus softening and liquefaction of non-cohesive soil, which causes instability of the slope. A practical numerical method is proposed for predicting large deformation and horizontal displacement of submarine gentle slope due to earthquake. The new method take normal wave loads as pseudo-static steady pressure and initial excess pore water pressure. Using 2-D nonlinear effective stress finite element method, dynamic response and liquefaction analysis are conducted with an infinite submarine slope model. Regarding the seismic motion of soil skeleton as process of softening gradually, softened soil modulus is attained during earthquake. Deformation analysis is performed with the modulus of liquefied and softened soil and the process of lateral movement is obtained. Compared with other related researches, the proposed method shows that gives reasonable results for the conditions indicated. The influences of non-liquefied surface layer, liquefied layer thickness and slope angle on horizontal displacement are studied by series of cases.
Authors: Guang Biao Shao
Abstract: Lateral spreading induced by earthquake liquefaction in soil layers is classified as a main cause of damage of pipeline structures. In this study, non-linear finite element method was applied for three-dimensional shell element analysis of continuous oil pipeline structures against transverse permanent ground deformation due to lateral spreading. The soil-structure interactions were simulated by soil-spring elements and the elastro-plastic of soil property was taken into accounted. Influential factors, such as width of lateral spreading, characteristics of pipe, on behavior of pipeline structures are examined by numerical analysis using finite element software ANSYS. According to the parameters analysis, some recommendations for safety design for oil pipeline across potential earthquake liquefaction areas are proposed.
Authors: Li Jie Ma, Jin Yu Zhang, Yu Liang Wang
Abstract: This paper studies how to eliminate the deformation caused by the earthquake liquefaction for highway foundation. experimental studied two technologies, rubble piles or gravel and cement mixing pile combined. Summary the highway earthquake liquefaction ground treatment technology of Tangshan coastal areas,to eliminate earthquake liquefaction and to Control Settlement.
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