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Authors: Chun Mei Wu
Abstract: The popularity of modern education technology has made a great impact on teaching materials. The future of textbooks is doomed to be electronic materials.Based on the analysis of the current situation of college English teaching in China, this paper proposes the application of electronic network teaching materials( ENTM) as a help supplement to the classroom teaching. After exploring the concept and characteristics of ENTM, the author conducts an empirical study to testify learners’ autonomy and their learning effect can be promoted with the help of ENTM.
Authors: Yi Xin Xu, Hua Yong Zhang, Xiang Xu, Jing Zhao, Fei Li
Abstract: Eco-exergy which is a thermodynamic indicator is applied to assess the ecosystem health status of QiXing Lake. And effects of nitrogen and phosphorus on ecosystem health status have been investigated. The results indicate that the ecosystem which contains macrophytes has the better health status than that does not contain macrophytes when they have the same concentration of nitrogen or phosphorus. The ecosystem health status decreased as the concentration of total nitrogen increased when the ecosystem contains macrophytes. However, the ecosystem health status has not significant change as the concentration of total nitrogen increased when the ecosystem does not contains macrophytes. It has the same law for total phosphorus.
Authors: Hai Jun Zhao, Guo Hua Wang
Abstract: Making use of orthogonal experiment design method samples on muffler element with perforated plate are fixed, and a model of total sound power of flow regeneration noise and flow velocity, perforated diameter, expansion ratio, perforated ratio and length of perforated plate to inlet expansion is established, and the model parameters are solved, and quantity research of the noise effect is performed, and spectrum characteristic of flow regeneration noise from the muffler element is analyzed. It is achieved that the perforated diameter and the expansion ratio have important effect on flow regeneration noise, the reducing of the perforated diameter and improving expansion ratio is in favor of the reduction of flow regeneration noise from muffler element with perforated plate, and peak value frequency appears in the middle and high range, and the high frequency may be high velocity air flowing through little holes on the plate.
Authors: Feng Lian Sun, Wei Du
Abstract: Based on VAR model, the effects of economic growth, industrial structure and energy efficiency on Jilin province’s carbon emission have been analyzed. It is found out that economic growth and energy efficiency change in the opposite direction of carbon emission, while industrial structure changes in the same direction of it, which are main reasons for carbon emission growth. According to this, government should apply its “green function” so as to adjust industrial structure, improve energy transformation and energy efficiency.
Authors: Mihaela Liana Bogdan, Loreta Simniceanu, Augustin Constantinescu
Abstract: In this paper, it is analyzed the effect of shocks on the kinematical parameters, linear and angular courses and accelerations, of shaping-mechanism at the function with shocks. In this scope, with experimentally recorded data it is plotted the diagram of variation (in time) of mentioned parameters obtained for the different regimes of processing for the component elements of the shaping mechanism in the case of function with shocks. It is made a comparative analysis of the laws of variation for kinematical parameters obtained for the different regimes with shocks in the conditions imposed, resulting, finally, the effect of shocks.
Authors: Sen Nie, Yan Liu
Abstract: In 21st century, with the leaping advances in science and technology, computers and the rapid development of science and technology industry, formed by combining human intelligence and high-tech digital content industry that corresponds to the rapid development, and developing at an astonishing speed into a pillar industry of the knowledge economy in the new century. It is well known that digital media are based on digitized text, sound, images, Graphics, animation and video images as information carriers, through means of dissemination and development of science and technology. Basic characteristics of digital media arts: Cross uses online media which contains computer-animated production, the television advertising shoot, digital music player, there are activities such as online games, virtual reality, network, performance art, video, interactive installations and DV (digital video). This paper discusses the present status of digital media art, features, applications in education, vocational orientation and analysis of the development trend.
Authors: Li Qing Du, Liang Yong Zheng, Hai Yang Ma, Hao Wu, Chang Bin Wei
Abstract: The effects of different land use types on soil quality was studied in cultivation areas of the mango, longan, greening plant, Ziziphus mauritiana, shelter-forest, and macadamia, as well as in the undeveloped land of the South Subtropical Crops Research Institute. Different land use types showed various effects on soil quality. Higher soil pH and bulk densities in the undeveloped land, higher content of available phosphrous (P) and available potassium (K) in macadamia cultivation areas, and higher organic matter content in shelter-forest land were observed relative to those of other land use types. The integrated fertility index of soil was ranked as follows: shelter-forest land>undeveloped land> Ziziphus mauritiana land>macadamia land and>mango land>longan land>greening plant land. This template explains and demonstrates how to prepare your camera-ready paper for Trans Tech Publications. The best is to read these instructions and follow the outline of this text.
Authors: Yu Wang, Yan Ting Yang, Feng Yu, Guang Lei Hu
Abstract: Double-row piles retaining structure has been widely used in the project now, but the stress mechanism of double-row pile is more complex; Its internal force and deformation are affected by many factors. Understanding and mastering its effects has an important significance for the design and the optimization of double-row pile supporting structure. According to the comparison of the measured data and theoretical calculation about original support scheme and optimized support plan and combined with the soil test data, this paper takes the Jinan Cultural Arts Center(Theatre) stage bin foundation pit as an example to analyse the main effects of optimization design about double-pile supporting structure. The results show that soil shear strength, soil arch effect, influence of CFG composite foundation, pile-beam synergy effect and space effect of foundation pit play an important role for optimization design about double-pile supporting structure.
Authors: Geng Wu Liu
Abstract: As we know , the materials will swell and contract when it is heated or cooled . A kind of method for mastery the real contractive rate of alloy was bring forward through researching the contractive rate of alloy. Using the method a inspecting testing mould of alloy was designed , and the real contractive rate was mastered by the mould . And this provides the reliable contract date for the design of mould cavity dimension , and reduces the work of mould repair , and also save a lot of money and labor.
Authors: Yi Xin Xu, Hua Yong Zhang, Zong Han Li, Fei Li, Xiang Xu
Abstract: The comprehensive trophic level index has been applied to assess eutrophication status of QiXing Wetland. The five subzones of QiXing Wetland with different vegetation pattern have different eutrophication status. The comprehensive trophic level index is mainly affected by TN and TP at high concentration of nitrogen and phosphorus. Therefore, the plant communities can significantly influence on eutrophication status of the wetland through removing nitrogen and phosphorus in water. Three mainly dominant plants in wetland are Phragmites australis, Nelumbo nucifera and Typha orientalis Presl. The ability to remove nitrogen and phosphorus of these three plant communities were investigated. Typha orientalis Presl community has the maximum efficiency in removing nitrogen and phosphorus in water. Therefore, Typha orientalis Presl is more suitable for the purification of the water.
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