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Authors: Mohammad Abedi, Norshakila Rawai, Mohamad Syazli Fathi, Abdul Karim Mirasa
Abstract: The precast construction industry is associated with a lot of activities, vast effort, many parties and numerous processes. The parties involved in the precast supply chain including the planning, design, manufacturing, transportation, installation and construction should have efficient communication and access to precise and latest information contributing to the enhanced collaboration, sustainability and improving the integration. The aim of this study is to explore the collaboration tools with proposing the cloud system architecture for the precast supply chain management. The research findings are according to the comprehensive review of the literature on supply chain management, precast construction industry and cloud computing. Findings demonstrates the major problems within the precast supply chain phases comprised of poor planning, ineffective communications among designers and manufacturers, incompetent employees and damage to raw materials, large size and heavy precast components and the poor on-site coordination. These major problems within the precast supply chain phases could contribute to negative consequences on the efficiency, productivity and effectiveness of precast delivery. Therefore, to mitigate and overcome these major problems within the precast construction, the cloud computing implementation as the valuable alternative could be delivered to enhance the efficiencies and effectiveness of the collaboration systems. This research propose and establishes the concepts of valuable collaborative tools, for instance the Cloud Computing Information Systems (CCIS), for assisting the processes, activities, information and networks within the precast supply chain management through increasing the opportunities to attain higher competitive advantages. Initially, it is anticipated that this research will result to the enhanced collaboration in order to deliver more competitive advantages and increase the opportunities for the globalisation of the construction industry. Secondly, it proposes an effective technique to establish innovative visions, enhanced productivity, increased effectiveness, improve integration and sustainability leading to efficient collaboration within the construction industry.
Authors: Mohamad Syazli Fathi, Mohammad Abedi, Norshakila Rawai
Abstract: A major barrier to successful construction project delivery has been the fragmentation and poor relationships existing between players in the construction industry. This significant issue has exerted a negative influence on project objectives, especially those which are predetermined, such as time, specified budget and standard quality. Construction projects require intensive efforts and processes, which it is often a challenge to provide to parties within the construction industry, to access accurate information and efficient communications. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the construction collaboration tools along with concepts of context-aware computing and cloud computing. The findings in this research are based on a thorough review of the comprehensive literature on IT, computing and construction. Consequently, this study sets out to introduce and develop the concepts of potential innovative collaborative tools, such as Context-Aware Cloud Computing Information Systems (CACCIS), for facilitating the construction supply chain processes and networks by enhancing the opportunities for achieving better competitive advantages. Firstly, it is hoped that this study will lead to improved construction collaboration to enhance the competitive advantages and opportunities for the internationalisation and globalisation of the construction industry. Secondly, it presents an effective method to provide new insights into the process of integration and, most significantly, to improve the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of the construction industry.
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