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Authors: Hong Tao Yu, Zhi Feng Zhang, Qing Quan Qiu, Qiang Sun, Guo Min Zhang, Shao Tao Dai
Abstract: Semiconductor thermoelectric generators have a series of advantages, such as compact volume, high-level reliability, and effective power generation in the presence of temperature difference. In many occasions, as a result of high voltage, electrical equipments can't be measured by the way of direct contact. In order to avoid equipment faults caused by low-voltage contact, a thermoelectric generator which uses waste heat of electrical equipments in service was designed. Electrical equipments often operate below 400K, and in this condition Bi2Te3 shows an outstanding performance of power generation. In order to solve the problems of little temperature difference and output power on steady-state, two methods were introduced. On the one hand, the temperature difference can be increased by filling with thermal insulation padding between the p-n junctions and using a heat sink in the cold side, and on the other hand, the output voltage and power will be augmented by increasing the number of p-n junctions. These methods have been proved effectively by simulation and experiment with promising outcomes.
Authors: Kyung Suk Choi, Sae Mee Jun, Waon Ho Yi, Hyung Joon Kim
Abstract: Electrical equipment such as switchboard should be protected from the seismic hazard to enable stable electric power supply even after the earthquake, since its seismic damage results in the severe damage such as social chaos, fire, and explosion. The general method to secure the excellent seismic performance of switchboards is to reduce the inertial forces by introduction of base isolating systems into a switchboard frame. However, the introduction of base isolating systems may cause the increase of installation and manufacturing costs, which is more true for a low-and medium-seismicity zones, such as Korea. In order to solve finance-related problems, this paper evaluates the seismic performance of switchboards supported by the hybrid springs consisting of wire rope elastic mounts with vertical and horizontal direction stiffness and polyurethane that provides additional vertical stiffness and damping. To do this, this study constructs an analytical model that can properly capture the hysteretic behavior of a hybrid spring. Nonlinear time-history analyses were carried out with floor acceleration time-histories taking into account Koreas seismic design quantities. The analysis results show relatively small deformation of switchboard supported by hybrid springs and high resistance against over-turning moments due to additional vertical stiffness of polyurethane.
Authors: Bao Shu Li, Xue Tao Xu, Ke Bin Cui, Wen Li Wei
Abstract: Most of electrical equipment failure are associated with overheating and have the characteristics of regional in power systems, temperature and grey value has the nonlinear mapping relationship in infrared image. In this paper, in order to extract image edge features, the infrared image would be preprocessed, then we can achieve identification mark of higher image gray value and automatic achieve the positioning of electrical equipments high temperature area by the topology matrix correction, and then using relative temperature difference method to judge electrical equipment failure. Experimental results show that this method can quickly and effectively locating and identify suspected overheat fault of electrical equipment.
Authors: Shi Hong Wu, Xiao Di Xu
Abstract: Time-based maintenance is mainly used by power plants in our country. Through the study of the disadvantages of time-based maintenance, condition-based maintenance is proposed. This paper details the superiority and the concept of condition-based maintenance, the trigonometry fuzzy number theory and the fuzzy fault tree analysis have been proposed in the state diagnosis. This paper provides the reference to online monitoring and the levels of diagnosis. It’s a reliable plan that the application of condition-based maintenance to power plants.
Authors: Xia Zhao, Qing Hong, Feng Biao Yang, Chen Guang Zhang
Abstract: With a higher level of the information techonology application in weapon system, the comprehensive electric system becomes more and more complicated, bringing about higher requirements on equipment support. In this paper, the research is mainly targeted at the integrated electrical system for a certain air defense weapon system. The offline live testing plan is employed, and simulated field simulation technology, switch topology in different forms are intergrated throughout the research to complete the performance testing on the major electrical equipment, so as to test the equipment integrity. Research and development of the testing system provide a feasible design method and means of implementation for the performance testing and trouble diagonosis for electrical equipment of the new equipment.
Authors: Qing Yuan, Yin Cheng Qi
Abstract: A knowledge reasoning based on-line infrared image monitoring system of the power equipments in substation is designed. The function, feature and structure of the system are introduced. Compare with the usual on-line infrared imaging monitoring system, a knowledge base is added and a knowledge reasoning method is used to diagnose the fault mode of operating equipments. The representation method of knowledge and processing of knowledge reasoning engine are introduced. Our research demonstrates that fault can be diagnosed correctly.
Authors: Ke Qin Bao, Gu Xiang Ding, Yi Bo Song
Abstract: R temperature measurement in electrical equipment is more and more used in temperature measurement, but accuracy of temperature measurement is susceptible to outside interference. The main factors affecting the accuracy of measuring temperature, such as environmental factors, equipment emissivity and distance coefficient, are analyzed, the solution has been put forward. In the environmental conditions under the condition of relatively unchanged ,change rule of the temperature value along with the temperature measuring distance changing from 0.7 to 5 meters is found, and temperature value is calibrated . The result after calibrating shows that the method is valid,and error of temperature is less than 0.7°C within 5 meters.
Authors: Jin Tao Cui, Yan Yan Zhang, Lin Niu, Jie Zhan, Jin Xin Huang
Abstract: Winding temperature rise is inevitable for electrical equipment. There is no harm when device is working properly. However, winding temperature rise will be abnormal when equipment failure exists, this will affect the normal operation of equipment even cause electrical accidents. According to the principle of winding temperature rise, we designed an experiment in which the winding temperature rise is real-time monitoring by the thermal infrared imager. Then we get the data and analysis them,after all we simulated the procedure of monitoring and troubleshooting by infrared technology for equipment in electrical system.
Authors: Yu Qiao Meng
Abstract: The article design a kind of intelligent control system with the function that can synthesize data, signal transmission and power control at the same time that it includes six components such as terminal equipment, network, controller, circuit, intelligent socket, electrical equipment. This article introduces the three detailed system implementation case with electrical equipment management mode of supply, working mode and working state of intelligent control is realized through the design of the system and improve the applicability of the system.
Authors: Jin Rong Wang
Abstract: The right management managing direction is an important prerequisite for generating qualified parts, an important step before the management forming simulation is to determine the reasonable direction of the managing. Manually adjust parts in order to overcome rely on experience, the drawbacks to the managing direction, the direction of the managing tool and forming the contact area of the sheet as the goal of automatic determination mode. Objective function of the direction of the managing for the variable contact area in the managing direction of the feasible region, the use of heritage modes to optimize the objective function of the contact area and, ultimately feasible within the contact area corresponding to the managing direction, that is the best managing direction. The measured results show that the direction of the managing based on genetic mode, the automatic mode can fast and accurate to obtain the optimal direction of managing.
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