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Authors: Livio Battezzati, Marcello Baricco, M. Belotti, V. Brunella
Authors: Oleg Girin
Abstract: On the basis of the discovered phenomenon of phase and structure formation of metallic materials being electrodeposited through a stage of liquid state it was predicted and experimentally proved the following: a) formation of intermediate phases in the form of intermetallides in electrodeposited metallic alloys during the electrochemical crystallization of a liquid phase of two metals of different valences; b) formation of intermediate phases with complex crystal lattices in the form of carbides during solidification of a liquid phase of a transition metal alloyed with carbon; and c) formation of eutectics in electrodeposited metallic alloys as a result of decomposition of a liquid phase into two separate solid phases during its solidification. Intermetallides Cu5Zn8 and Cu6Sn5 in electrodeposited alloys of Cu-Zn and Cu-Sn systems, carbides Fe3C and Cr3C2 in electrodeposited iron and chromium alloyed with carbon, and eutectics in electrodeposited alloys of Sn-Zn and Pb-Cu systems were found.
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