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Authors: Kai Xia Wei
Abstract: This paper designs the electromagnetic flowmeter in partially filled pipes (EMF-PF), which sensor alternate duties, sensing both the fluid velocity and fill height signals in order to get the flow in the partially filled pipes. Because the errors caused by two parameters measured, different sensitivities and zero-shifts reduce the accuracy of the EMF-PF, therefore calibration is needed. The repeated tests show that the third-order correction of the errors achieved good results.
Authors: Zhen Zhou, L.B. Li, Y. Qin, D.Z. Ma, B. Niu
Abstract: Firstly this paper introduces gray relation analysis, and then it draws various reasons of electromagnetic flowmeter malfunction in combination with data provided by one company. And the paper calculates the probabilities of the various reasons adopting classical statistics, and equalizes these failure rate data to get sequence difference, and then obtains grey incidence coefficient and correlation degree. Then the paper sorts these correlation degrees to confirm the influence degree of the failure modes. Finally, the bleaching information required is obtained.
Authors: Chun Yu Yu, Kai Li Zhang, De Zhong Ma, Zhen Zhou
Abstract: With regard to the problem that only single index has been used in assessment of reliability, a suitable comprehensive assessment method about reliability index of electromagnetic flowmeter was established, and Mean Time To First Failure(MTTFF), Mean Time Between Failure(MTBF) and equivalent failure rate(D) were selected as the standards of reliability evaluation for the electromagnetic flowmeter in this paper. Because many evaluation elements involved and failure information and evaluation indexes are fuzzy, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation based on entropy weight was introduced to quantify the qualitative evaluation indexes, and indexes weight were determined scientifically by using comprehensive evaluation obtained from combining a subjective expert’s evaluation weight with objective entropy weight. Two kinds of the domestically produced electromagnetic flowmeter were studied, the censored data obtained from the process of consumers’s use were analyzed, and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method based on entropy weight was used to evaluate the indexes of reliability in two kinds of electromagnetic flowmeter comprehensively. The results show that the conclusion is consistent with the fact, the method can effectively solve the problem existed in current modeling, and evaluation of electromagnetic flowmeter reliability has great practical value in the application.
Authors: Song Gao, Bin Li, Shi Yi Yin
Abstract: Grounding electrode electromagnetic flowmeter can reduce the loss of the measurement signal,and the conductivity lower medium can be measured if the area of the grounding electrode was increased. However, if the grounding electrode area is increased, the measurement signal will be reduced. The weight function theory of electromagnetic flow meter shows that the reason is the distribution of electromagnetic flow meter weight functions is changed by the grounding electrode, lead to the induced electromotive force every point of media in the pipeline contribution to the measuring electrode is changed. the weight function of the electromagnetic flowmeter which possesses one or two grounding electrodes was analyzed respectively, get the law of electromagnetic flowmeter output signal decreases with the increase of the grounding electrode area. Finally, the relationship of the electromagnetic flowmeter output signal and the ground electrode diameter accounted for measuring the ratio of the pipe been demonstrated. This theory and method has a certain significance to research and development grounding electrode electromagnetic flowmeter.
Authors: Shi Yi Yin, Bin Li
Abstract: The methodology of the direct calibration for the electromagnetic flowmeter in partially filled pipes is presented in this paper. Based on the principle of the electromagnetic flowmeter, two main respects, including the flow liquid level and the weight function in partially filled pipes are introduced briefly, and the calibration technologies of the sensor, which consist of the device arrangements, the accurate measurement of the liquid level and the calibration of the flow discharge, are emphasized on, with the methodology based on the piecewise interpolation employed. The experimental results demonstrate that the methodology of the direct calibration is simple and effective for the real flow calibration of the electromagnetic flowmeter in partially filled pipes, with the stable measurement and the accuracy requirement satisfied.
Authors: Kai Xia Wei, Shu Rong Hao
Abstract: This paper designs the electromagnetic flowmeter in partially filled pipes (EMF-PF), which sensor sets four electrodes. One pair of the electrodes is set on the pipe bottom as the signal injection electrodes that inject the AC pulses used to determine liquid fill height. One pair of long-arc electrodes is set on the pipe wall as the measurement electrodes. The measurement electrodes alternate duties, sensing both the flow and fill height signals. Both the flow and fill height raw signals are disposed in different time period by the same signal processing channels. Experiment result shows that the designed EMF-PF can achieve the flow measurement in partially filled pipes, and the measurement accuracy of this EMF-PF meets the actual requirements.
Authors: Song Gao, Bin Li, Shi Yi Yin, Xue Jing Li
Abstract: In pipe of electromagnetic flowmeter must be installed internal insulation lining to prevent the electromagnetic flowmeter signal is short circuit by metal pipe. However, in the process of using the electromagnetic flow meter, insulation lining is easy to fall off because of the fluid temperature and pressure changes, thus lead to the output signal of the electromagnetic flowmeter is changed. The effect of electromagnetic flowmeter insulation lining fall off to the output signal is analyzed by the theory of electromagnetic flow meters weight function. Get the relationship of the output signal and the insulation lining drop area and position. The paper provides a theoretical analysis method for the effect abscission of insulation lining of electromagnetic flow meter on output signal.
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