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Authors: A. Szummer, M. Pisarek, M. Dolata, Á. Molnár, M. Janik-Czachor, M. Varga, K. Sikorski
Authors: Petr Jonšta, Irena Vlčková, Zdenĕk Jonšta, Mariusz Król
Abstract: Cobalt-based superalloys are among the most important materials for application in the demanding conditions of the glass industry. These superalloys with extended life are due to their excellent heat-resistant properties an important part of glass tools, especially of spinning discs. In the submitted paper, a material analysis of the commercially produced cast cobalt superalloy for spinning discs, including metallographic analysis supplemented by an electron X-ray analysis of minority phases, is carried out. An assessment of harmful gases, in particular oxygen and nitrogen, has also been carried out. They appear to be the cause of defects that often lead to the subsequent degradation of the material.
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