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Authors: Yuan Yi Zhang
Abstract: Aimed at the defects of security monitoring system in intelligent building with complicated design, higher production cost, uneasy to installation, and not suitable for ordinary family, this paper combined with the development needs of intelligent building, and designed a remote network security monitoring system based on Internet, used AT91SAM9260 as the main controller and used embedded technology, Internet technology, video compression/decompression technology and so on. So that users can detect the illegal intrusion and fire hazards at home in real-time, through computers or mobile phones. Then the validity and efficiency of the system was validated via test-experiment. The results show that this system has several merits such as good safety, good generality, simple operation, easy maintenance, low cost and so on. It can meet the needs of security monitoring for an ordinary home.
Authors: Li Sha Liu
Abstract: This document explains a type of Smart Tunnel Inspection Robot (STIR) for the detection of pipe culverts, including its system composition, the working principle, modules of hardware circuit, program flows and the interface of PC software. With devices of wireless video transmission, wireless data communication and the embedded technology of measurement and control, the STIR can replace human to detect and monitor various types of small diameter pipe culverts.
Authors: Hai Yang Liao, Peng Tian, Yu Du, Zhi Yu Wen
Abstract: Water quality monitoring plays an important role in contamination control and environment protection. This paper describes an on-line multiparametric water quality monitoring system based on visible spectrophotometry, which combines embedded technology with GPRS telecommunication technology. This system can realize online wireless monitoring to concentrations of chromium (Cr), plumbum (Pb), A surfactant (AS), chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonia nitrogen (AN), total phosphorus (TP) and total phenol (TPh) in real time. The mechanical structure, hardware circuit and software design of the system are completed. The absorption spectrums of pure water and MB-SDS complex have been measured. Preliminary experiments using a model machine show that each mechanism of the system runs well. Moreover, the monitor possesses many advantages, such as high degree of automation, high reliability, high efficiency, compact structure, small size, and so on.
Authors: Qi Sheng Zhang, Ming Deng, Qi Wang, Yong Qiang Feng, Rui Yang
Abstract: Induced polarization method is one of common methods for electrical prospecting of geophysical. The paper is to analyses and research application of embedded technology for induced polarization instrument and design multifunctional transceiver instrument. The paper is to realize hardware part of induced polarization instrument by regarding ARM processor as hardware core by combination of current intelligent power module (IPM), induced polarization analog signal processing and 24-digit △-∑ high-precision A/D conversion chip (CS5532), etc. It can transplant embedded operation system (uClinux) on embedded ARM processor and formulate drive program which matches hardware circuit and application program to fulfils various functions including data acquisition, data processing & display, data storage & transmission required by induced polarization instrument under uClinux system management.
Authors: Wei Liu
Abstract: The transient electromagnetic method (TEM), which is also called time domain electromagnetic method, is one of the common methods of geophysical disciplines of electrical prospecting. This paper, based on theory of the TEM, analysed the application of the embedded technology in TEM, and completed the design of the transient electromagnetic receiver system. The ARM processor is the core part of the system, combined with high precision A/D conversion chip, CPLD module, PC104 and other hardware parts.Through repeated field actual tests, the system works stably and reliably and data acquisition result is favourable.
Authors: Yao Feng Xue, De Bin Yin, Hua Li Sun, Shui Bo Zheng
Abstract: A portable handheld terminal for monitor system based on embedded technology is presented. The function requirements of the portable handheld terminal are analyzed. The design schemes of the whole system architecture, the hardware platform and the software platform are proposed separately. Finally, the portable handheld terminal system is developed and its prototype is presented. It is a valuable case for development of monitor system.
Authors: Shi Wei Xu, Fan Tao Kong, Zhe Min Li, Zhi Qiang Li, Yong En Zhang, Ying Lv, Zhi Wu Tian, Dong Jie Wang, Hai Peng Yu
Abstract: This paper developed a Portable Agricultural Product Holographic Market Information Collection Terminal (APIC) which collected the holographic market information of agro-products, to address the issues such as undeveloped agricultural information collecting method, nonstandard collection criteria,imperfect classification and coding, as well as the lack of information collection device etc.. In the APIC system, there are two industrial standards on agro- product information collection embedded technology, and GPS positioning, integrated together with the general packet radio service(GPRS) and 3G mobile communications technology, making use of component development technology and embedded development technology, in order to achieve the standardization of data collection, instant transmission, and intelligent processing, and eventually to enhance the ability of integrated perception, decision-making and control in terms of monitoring and early warning of agro-products market price.
Authors: Yang Hong Mao, Chui Xin Chen
Abstract: This paper gives the system design diagram, and made a detailed explanation to its structure and the basic principle. System consists of hardware and software design, hardware part mainly includes S3C2410, Flash, SDRAM memory interface, the software includes the compilation and transplantation of Mplayer, the QTE graphical use interface design and transplant. At the same time, this paper also studies the key technologies of the system software, including Bootloader design, kernel cutting and root file system design. Finally, the actual effect of the system is given, implement the thought of VOD, achieve the design purpose of the system. The system can make the students online learning at any time, relieve the teaching difficulties effectively, the system combine embedded technology and streaming media technology, it has the advantages of small volume, convenient operation, low cost and good stability.
Authors: Jin Lu Tu, Yi Guo
Abstract: Embedded remote economized power controller based on Ethernetadopts uses the embedded technology to realize intelligent control. It cuts the TCP/IP protocol and realizes point-to-point communication through UDP hole punching technology.It goes beyond the LAN limit and follows the principle of energy conservation.This economized power controller has very high practical value.
Authors: Bao Qiang Wang, Liang Liang Yang
Abstract: Ultrasonic effect is widely applied in biomaterial treatment and this process will happen in ultrasonic reaction kettle of which physical parameters directly affect the treatment effect. This paper introduces a kind of monitored control system of ultrasonic reaction kettle and mainly presents the realization method of key units. Depending on embedded technology, this system includes three layers control unit: ARM central control layer, PC control layer and bottom CAN intelligent node layer which has sensors and actuators. Linux operating system has been transplanted on ARM processor as the software platform. Through the practical hardware arrangement and software design, it can be proved that this system can effectively and accurately monitored control the parameters of ultrasonic reaction kettle.
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