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Authors: Jia Chong Du
Abstract: Pavement bonding associates with shear strength which depends on different tack coat materials and temperature. The higher temperature has, the lower shear strength is; and increasing the application rate does not significantly improve the shear strength. The test results show that the shear strength decreases with an increase in temperatures has the maximum value at optimum application rate (OAR) and emulsion asphalt used has higher shear strength than that of cutback asphalt. The tack materials and temperature are significantly effective the shear strength, in accordance with the statistic of two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) test.
Authors: Xian Yuan Tang, Jie Xiao
Abstract: This paper systematically elaborates the impact upon performance of emulsion asphalt cold reclaimed asphalt mixture by different RAP contents, through a series of testing on six cold reclaimed asphalt mixtures with various RAP contents, such as single axle compression test, 15°C indirect tensile strength (ITS) test, 40°C rutting test and -10°C low-temperature bending beam test. Testing results indicate that 15°C ITS decreases from around 0.75 MPa to 0.58 MPa with the RAP content of mixture increasing from 0% to 100%. 40°C dynamic stabilities reduce considerably from around 19,000 time/mm of 0% RAP mixture to 3,600 time/mm of 100% RAP mixture. -10°C failure strains only change from 1500με to 2000με.
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