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Authors: Hong Kai Li, Tong Qing Wang, De Wen Zhao, Jian Bin Luo, Xin Chun Lu
Abstract: Accurate determination of a chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) process reaching the end point is an important problem in the CMP process. In present work, the variation of the motor power signal of the polishing platen in the CMP process has been investigated, and the moving average method with 121-points moving window was used to smooth the original signal curve. Experiment results showed that the processed signal could facilitate the extraction of end-point feature for the in-situ end-point detection (EPD) system and it was relatively steady before and after the layer transition stage, which made it more reliable to detect the end point in situ. Comparing with other EPD methods, the system was less complicated, and it was easier to code for algorithm development. Finally, further analysis was performed and series of experiments provided a planarized via-revealed surface with low via dishing.
Authors: C. H. Kim, W.S. Yoo, S.-J. Na
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