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Authors: Xian Zhi Tang, Shu Jun Yang, Huai Cheng Xia
Abstract: The driving style comprehensive identification method based on the entropy theory is presented. The error and error proportion of each identification result are calculated. The entropy and the variation degree of the identification error of each identification method are calculated based on the definition of information entropy. According to the entropy and the variation degree of the identification error, the weight of each kind of identification method can be determined in the comprehensive identification method, and the driving style comprehensive identification algorithm is derived. The control strategy of hybrid electric vehicles based on the driving style identification is proposed. The economic control strategy and dynamic control strategy are established. Depending on the results of driving style identification, aiming at different kinds of drivers, the mode of control strategies can be adjusted, so the demands of different kinds of drivers can be satisfied. The hybrid electric vehicle simulation model and control strategy model are built, and the simulations have been done. Due to the simulation results, the drivers’ intention comprehensive identification method based on the entropy theory is proved to represent the driver’s driving style systematically and comprehensively, and the hybrid electric vehicle control strategy based on the driving style identification can make the vehicles satisfy different drivers’ demands.
Authors: Jing Jing Dai, Hui Min Hu, Qing Cai
Abstract: With the security industry developing rapidly and the number of security systems increasing continuously in recent years, security systems provide a positive effect on society security in China, but many of them became vulnerable or even useless because of the problem of irrational allocation of resources. In order to evaluate security system efficiency to avoid these problems, we present the concept of efficiency entropy based on the Shannon information theory, and build an Efficiency Entropy Evaluation Model which can be used to evaluate the efficiency of the security system quantitatively. It represents security system effectiveness in single node layer and the entire security network layers. So the effectiveness of the whole security system is calculated quantitatively.
Authors: Xing Wang, Wei Zhan
Abstract: The significance of organization management to companies was analyzed and the relationship between a enterprise’s organization structure and its information transfer effect was discussed. Then the differences of organization structures between construction companies at home and abroad were compared. The information entropy model was used to evaluate the structure from two aspects as efficiency and effectiveness of information transmission. And based on this model, Kajima Construction Group and China Railway Construction Corporation were evaluated, and the result shows that China Railway Construction Corporation fall behind in both areas of information transmission.
Authors: Zhong Li, Yu Cheng Bo
Abstract: In fuzzy reliability design on Mechanical Components, the determination of characteristic value of subordinate function mainly depends on the experience that accumulated and summarized by researchers. Thus, it has strong subjectivity. In this paper, through entropy theory the relationship between determining characteristic value of subordinate function and reliability made a great description. Finally, the examples prove this methods feasibility.
Authors: Hai Bo Zhu, Zhen Wang, Tian Xiao Liu
Abstract: Based on the analysis of water asset management performance indicators, this paper proposes a performance model evaluation of water asset management that based on entropy theory and empirical study of one of the Reservoirs as an example to indicate that the model method is feasible.
Authors: Fei Shao, Feng Li, Ke Bin Jiang, Pei Li
Abstract: Refitting sites selection of ocean trawler in wartime, is affected by a variety of technical factors and other factors such as organization, planning, management, and so on. The index system is given by detailed analysis of the influence factors. A fuzzy matter-element model is built up in view of the fuzziness and incompatibility of the indexes, combining quantitative analysis with qualitative analysis, with quantifying the qualitative indexes by linguistic variables and fuzzy numbers. The information entropy theory is used to calculate the value of index weights, to reduce the subjective randomness. The multi-objective selection problem is transformed into the single-object decision by Euclid approach degree. The example shows that the method is very practical and the result is objective.
Authors: Hong Sheng Shan
Abstract: Bidding evaluation is an important aspect in equipment procurement, and there are still some problems with the current bidding evaluation method being used. This paper presents a bidding evaluation method which combines the entropy-weight method and the ELECTRE method to create a new bidding evaluation model. Finally, the application of this bidding evaluation method in power equipment purchase is illustrated by using thermal power auxiliary equipment bidding procurement as an example.
Authors: Ren Qiang Lu
Abstract: According to the uncertainty characteristics of water supply systems when it suffered by the threats, the entropy function was introduced into water supply systems for the risk assessment studies, and the risk entropy model of water supply systems was proposed. Taking the earthquake disaster as an example, firstly, based on the risk assessment theory and information entropy theory, the severity factor Ej of earthquake Xj which the water supply systems would be suffered was defined. Secondly, the product of severity factor Ej and occurrence probability Pj of earthquake Xj was computed, and the normalized value of the product was defined as the interaction coefficient qj of earthquake Xj. Then, based on the theory basis above and risk formula, the risk entropy model H(R) of water supply systems was established. Finally, a water supply systems of north china was taking as a case studies. Through application we found that the model was theoretical and practical feasibility, which can be used to solve the uncertainty problem of water supply systems.
Authors: Hua Zhu Song, Xiao Xue Wang, Zi Yue Zhao, Fan Zhou, Xuan Zhu Song
Abstract: Stock comment is very important for the bulls and the bears in the stock market. This paper first gave the basic principles to reasoning the stock comment. Next, the theory of entropy was imported in the stock comment reasoning, and the stock comment reasoning models were constructed in two methods. One adopts entropy to model, and the other applies entropy-weight to model. Finally, the random experiments were given, and the result showed that the reasoning model based on entropy-weigh has a higher accuracy than entropy.
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